Belief in Imam Mahdi (as) In The Ahle Sunnah


It is a known reality – and not a hidden fact – that the belief in Imam Mahdi (as) is a unanimously accepted belief among Islamic scholars. But some of the enemies of Ahle Bayt (as), through their evil propaganda have recently tried to show that the belief in Imam Mahdi (as) is a un-Islamic belief. They have tried to portray that it is a purely Shiah belief. However nothing could be farther from the truth.

The fact is that the Mahdi has been discussed extensively in the Quran and backed by traditions from sources of both Shiah and the Ahle Sunnah. The discussion about the Mahdi is both extensive and comprehensive. The discussion encompasses topics such as:

The books of the Ahle Sunnah have not just mentioned about Imam Mahdi (as), but have enumerated his characteristics in astonishing detail. Moreover, so many reputed scholars of the Ahle Sunnah have devoted entire books to this topic, and are doing so even in this age. When a person inquired from the international Islamic centre based in Saudi Arabia, regarding the belief in Imam Mahdi (as), he was told, ‘It is a well acknowledged Islamic belief, and to subscribe to it is obligatory.’ Moreover, Professor Shaykh Abdul Mohsin bin Ibaad in the presence of Shaykh Abdullah bin Baaz and Islamic scholars read a thesis titled, ‘‘عقيده اهل السنة والاثر في المهدى المنتظر’’  (“The Belief of Ahle Sunnah and the effect of Mahdi, Muntazar”). This thesis delves on the topic of reappearance of Imam Mahdi (as) and pronounces it as an established Islamic tenet. This tenet has been verified through acclaimed and successively transmitted traditions that are beyond reproach.

Through these series of articles, we will try our best to cover as many points as possible to establish the the concept of Imam Mahdi (as) is alive and covered in the Ahle Sunnah.