Birth of Imam Mahdi

Witnesses To The Birth of Imam Mahdi (as)

Various objections have been raised regarding the birth of Imam Mahdi (as). Keeping in mind the necessity for brevity, this this article we shall discuss two objections.

Objection 1

First of all is the objection that if the birth of Imam Mahdi (as) has already occurred, then a tradition in support of this should be shown to them in Sahih Bukhari or Sahih Muslim (the two most  popular books of traditions for Ahle Sunnah). (more…)

Two Objections For Birth of Imam Mahdi (as)

Various objections have been raised regarding the birth of Imam Mahdi (as). Keeping in mind the necessity for brevity, this this article we shall discuss two objections.

Objection 1: Why the Date of Birth of Imam Mahdi (as) is not
mentioned in Sahih Bukhari or Sahih Muslim?

Sceptics are willing to believe only after seeing such a tradition. Actually this objection is based neither on Shariah nor on reasoning and understanding. Rather, by refusing to believe in the birth of Imam Mahdi (as) they have doubted the power of the Almighty Allah. (more…)

100 Ahle Sunnah Scholars Who Testified to Birth of Imam Mahdi (as)

The are the names of more than 100 scholars of Ahle Sunnah who testified to the birth of Imam Mahdi (as).  These names coupled with the article “Why Ahle Sunnah Deny Birth of Imam Mahdi (as)” and “Birth of Imam Mahdi as per Ahle Sunnah” should put the doubts about his birth at rest. It should also close the discussion about the belief in Imam Mahdi (as) being a belief limited to Shiites. (more…)

Birth of Imam Mahdi (as) as per the Ahle Sunnah

Some Muslim groups allege that the belief in Imam Mahdi (as) is an invention of the Shiahs and that there is no mention of him or his birth in the Sunnah or Islamic history. This is a false allegation. Through this article, we will conclusively prove that the belief in Imam Mahdi (as) is very much an inseparable part of Islamic belief and not just of Shiite ideology. The most renowned scholars, historians and reporters of traditions have documented Imam Mahdi’s (as) birth, in addition to other aspects of his life, occultation and reappearance. (more…)

Ten Reports for the Birth of Imam Mahdi (as) from Beharul Anwar

Allamah Majlisi (ar) has brought in chapter 1 of volume 51 of Beharul Anwar, the reports of the birth of Imam Mahdi (as) through various narrators. The reports of some of them are given below. These reports are an evidence for the birth of Imam Mahdi (as) in the house of Imam Hasan Askari (as). These reporters include companions of Imam Askari (as) as well as some of the slaves who were witnesses to his birth. (more…)

Hidden Birth of Hazrat Musa (as): A Proof for Imam Mahdi (as)

The birth of Hazrat Musa (as) is an important example to understand the circumstances of the birth of Imam Mahdi (as). Our Aimmah (as) have given its example for their followers to understand the birth of the hidden Imam (as). This incident, narrated from Kamaluddin by Shaykh Sudooq (ar), highlights the conditions prevailing at the time of Hazrat Musa (as). It reinforces the fact that when Allah desires something, it will come to pass even though every person may be averse to it.

There are many lessons which can be derived from the incident, including having complete, unconditional trust in Allah and in the power of supplication. Yet the most important lesson is that Allah will do as He wishes without any person to prevent His design. (more…)

Events at the Martyrdom of Imam Hasan Askari (as)

It is a well-established fact that the burial rituals and the funeral prayers for an Imam (as) can only be conducted by another Imam (as). The circumstances at the martyrdom of Imam Hasan Askari (as), therefore, become important to establish the birth and continued existence of Imam Mahdi (as).

The search to find and kill Imam Mahdi (as) was intensified when Imam Hasan Askari (as) was martyred. This is because everyone knew that on that day the command of Imamate would pass on to Imam Mahdi (as).

In the book of Najmus Saqib (volume 1, page 541, English) under the chapter of miracles of Imam Mahdi (as), we find the following incident, which highlights that Imam Hasan Askari (as) not only foretold his own martyrdom, but also gave his followers sufficient information about the signs of Imam Mahdi (as) to enable him to recognise the Imam of the Time. (more…)

Another Report from Janabe Hakima Khatoon (sa)

The following narrations are taken from the book Najmus Saqib. On page 83 of volume 1 of this book (English edition) we find that according to the report of Mas’oodi (Isbaatul Wasiyyah al-Imam Ali Ibne Abi Talib (as), page 259) and Hazini, (Hidayatul Kubra, page 356)

Janabe Hakima Khatoon said: “I came to Imam Hasan Askari (as) after forty days and saw my master walking in the house. I have not seen anyone more elegant than him and have not heard anyone speaking in a more eloquent tongue than him. Thus, Imam Hasan Askari (as) said to me: He is the chosen one by Allah. I said: My chief, he is only forty days old, but I see that he has grown very fast.”

He said: “O aunt, do you not know that we divine successors grow in a day as much as others grow in a week and grow in a week as much as others grow in a year.” (more…)

Janabe Hakima Testifies to the Birth of Imam Mahdi (as)

Tomb of Janabe Hakima at Samarrah, Iraq

This report is mentioned in Beharul Anwar volume 51, chapter 1, tradition 14. Janabe Hakima Khatoon (sa) is the daughter of Imam Taqi (as), the sister of Imam Naqi (as). She is buried in Samarrah next to the graves of the 10th and 11th Imam and Janabe Narjis Khatoon (sa).

Apart from establishing the circumstances for the birth of Imam Mahdi (as), this narration also brings forth several truths regarding the Imamate of Imam Hasan (as) and Imam Husain (as), the superiority which Allah has granted to Aimmah (sa) and also the fact that Imam Mahdi (as) has the same excellences of the knowledge of the unseen, even at his young age which are a proof for his Imamate.

Ibne Idris has narrated from his father from Mohammed bin Ismail from Mohammed bin Ibrahim Kufi from Mohammed bin Abdullah Mutahhari that he said:

“I went to see Hakima Khatoon after the demise of Imam Hasan Askari (as) to ask her about the Hujjah and the confusion in which people had split many ways. She said to me, “Sit down.” I sat down and she said: “O Mohammed, verily Allah, the Exalted, does not leave the earth without a Divine Proof, be he a speaking one or a silent one. He has not put it in two brothers after Hasan and Husain, as a token of distinction for Hasan and Husain and to mark their superiority, lest there will be their peer on earth. However, Allah, the Exalted, gave excellence to the progeny of Husain over the progeny of Hasan, as He gave excellence to the progeny of Harun over the progeny of Musa, though Musa was Divine Proof over Harun. And this excellence is for his progeny until Judgment Day.

“There must be a trial for the Ummah,” said she, “in which falsifiers will fall in doubts, and in which verifiers will find salvation, lest people will have an argument against Allah after the apostles. This trial has occurred after the demise of Imam Hasan Askari (as).” (more…)