Books Written About Imam Mahdi (as)

The topic of Imam Mahdi (as) has been dealt with in a lot of detail by Ahle Bayt (as). We have traditions from the Holy Prophet (sawa) and from every Imam (as) on this subject in which the meaning, implication, causes, events and happenings during the period of Ghaybat and even after reappearance have been discussed in great detail.

In addition, Aimmah (as) have also guided us to our roles and responsibilities to ensure that we stay on the right path and that the length of the period of Ghaybat does not harden our hearts and deviate us. Prophecies from Aimmah (as)  and their supplications are available as a guidance for the believers during this period. All praise is for Allah and may His blessings be upon Holy Prophet, Mohammed (sawa) and the Ahle Bayt (as) for guiding us.

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Books on Imam Mahdi (as) – English

Several books have been written on the subject, some even before the actual Ghaybat of Imam Mahdi (as). During his lifetime, Imam Mahdi (as) himself commissioned writing of books like Kamaluddin by Shaykh Sudooq (ar) which dealt which the topic of Ghaybat from various aspects.

Recent Books Written About Ghaybat

Among the books which have been written on the subject of Ghaybat and which are available today in various languages are:

  • Kamaluddin Wa Tamanun Nemah by Shaykh Sudooq (ar). This is a book written on the order of Imam Mahdi (as) who met Shaykh Sudooq (ar) and instructed him to write a book on Ghaybat. When the Shaykh told the Imam (as) that he had already covered the topic in his other books, the Imam (as) guided him to deal with the topic from the perspective of the Ghaybat of the previous prophets. (Shiah)
  • Muntakhabul Asar by Ayatullah Lutfullah Safi Gulpaygani (ar). This book is in two volumes and is a rich source of traditions on the topic of Imam Mahdi (as) from both Shiah sources and that of the Ahle Sunnah. (Shiah)
  • Beharul Anwar by Allamah Majlisi (ar). This is a magnum opus from Allamah Majlisi which has been published in 110 volumes of which volumes 51, 52 and 53 are dedicated to the discussion about Imam Mahdi. (Shiah)
  • Al Bayan Fee Akhbare Sahebaz Zaman by Hafiz Ganji Shafaei. He was from Syria, Damascus, This book has 25 chapters. A cursory glance at the titles of the book are sufficient to understand the depth in which the topic has been covered. (Ahle Sunnah)
  • Yanaabiul Mawaddah by Hafiz Suleiman Qundoozi Hanafi Balkhi. This book discusses the excellences of Ahle Bayt (as). He has dedicated chapter 71-86 to the various discussions around Imam Mahdi (as). (Ahle Sunnah)

Traditions from Ahle Bayt (as) on Ghaybat | Books on Imam Mahdi by Ahle Sunnah scholars

Ten Books Written About Ghaybat Even Before Birth of Imam Mahdi

  • Kitabal Ghaybah written by Ali Ibn Hasan bin Mohammad Tai Tateri. He was living during the time of Imam Musa Kazim (as). He was a reliable person and a jurist (faqih). (Ilm Rejal of Najashi, page 193, Rejal of Shaykh Tusi, page 357)
  • Kitabal Ghaybah by Ali ibn Umar-e-Ihraz Kufi. He was also present at the time of Imam Musa Kazim (as). (Ilm Rejal of Najashi, page 28)
  • Kitabal Ghaybah by Ibrahim Ibne Saleh. He was present at the time of Imam Musa Kazim (as). (Ilm Rejal of Najashi, page 28)
  • Kitabal Ghaybah by Hasan ibn Ali ibn Abi Hamza. He was living at the time of Imam Reza (as). (Ilm Rejal of Najashi, page 28)
  • Kitabal Ghaybah by Abbas ibn Hisham ibn Nashri Asbadi. He was very great companion of Imam Reza (as). He died in 220 AH. (Ilm Rejal of Najashi, page 215, Rejal of Shaykh Tusi, page 384)
  • Kitabal Ghaybah by Ali ibn Hasan ibn Fazal. He was a good reliable companion of the tenth and eleventh Imam. (Ilm Rejal of Najashi, page 195, Rejal of Shaykh Tusi, page 419)
  • Kitabal Ghaybah al-Mahdi by Fazl ibn Shazaan Neshaapuri. He was a Faqih (jurist), Mutakkalim (one who gives reasoning) and companion of the tenth and eleventh Imam. He died in 260 AH. (Ilm Rejal of Najashi, page 235, Rejal of Shaykh Tusi, page 420-434)
  • Book of al-Mahdi written by Abaad ibne Yaqoobe Rawaagni. He was the teacher of Bukhari.
  • Book of al-Musnaf written by Ibne Abi Sheba. He was the teacher of Ahmad ibne Hanbal. He wrote two volumes of al-Musnaf. The second volume of this book is known as Kitabul Mahdi.
  • Book of Kitabul Fitan written by the teacher of Bukhari, Nomaim ibne Hamad. It is completely written about Imam Mahdi (as) and the signs of his reappearance.

Books on the topic of the Mahdi (as)

  1. Sihah Sitta: Sunan Maja, Abu Dawud Tirmidhi in all three – one chapter is dedicated to Imam Mahdi (as). These include traditions like Holy Prophet (saw) said, “The Mahdi is from the progeny of Fatemah (sa).”
  2. Kanzul Ummal by Muttaqi-e-Hindi (he lived in the 10th century). This book is the equivalent of Beharul Anwar. In this book, the compiler has collected all traditions available in Ahle Sunnah and has categorised them in one chapter of Mahdi. He has collected 58 traditions.
  3. Aqeedato Ahle Sunnah Wal Asare Fil Mahdi’il Muntazar by Shaykh Abdul Mohsin Abbad. He was a Wahabi scholar in the University of Madina. He wrote this book in reply to a Kuwaiti author who wrote against the belief in Mahdi claiming that it is superstition.

Mahdi in Sihah Sitta – Part I | Part II | Part III

More Books on the topic of Imam Mahdi

  1. Isbatur Rajat by Fazl Ibne Shazan Nishapuri. He was the companion of Imam Ali Naqi (as). He was an expert in jurisprudence and science of argumentation (polemics). He died in 260 AH. In this book he has replied to the false allegation that Shiahs concocted traditions after the birth of Imam Mahdi (as) and has proved that even Holy Prophet (sawa) spoke about him (as). He has written 80 books, of which two books al-Ghaybah and Istabtur Rajat are about Imam Mahdi (as). These books cover topics like Ghaybat, meeting of the Imam (as) and reappearance etc.
  1. Janab Syed Mohd Mir Isfahani in his book Kifayatul Mahdi has referred to the book al-Ghaybah of Fazl Ibne Shazan and narrated traditions from it. But the book al-Ghaybah is not present with us today. The context of this book can be had only from those sources which have used it like this book Kifayatul Mahdi. Also Isbatur Rajat has not reached us completely, only its extracts are available today. Syed Bahauddin Ali Naeli Najafi, author of the book Anwarul Nasfiyya, has copied the extract of Isbatur Rajat and a few copies are available.

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