Holy Quran, Chapter 7 Verse 1


“Alif, Laam, Meem, Saad”

Imam Baqir (as), said, “O Aba Lubaid! Twelve men from Bani Abbas will rule this nation and the last four will be killed. The dissolute man known as Hadi, the speaker and the deviator, is from among them. One of them (Bani Abbas) will be slaughtered at the hands of a group of evil people whose lives are short and whose time is limited.

O Aba Lubaid! Verily Huruf Al-Muqatta’a (letters used as abbreviations) contain a tremendous amount of knowledge. Allah revealed to the Prophet (sawa), “Alif, Laam, Meem, that is the Book” (Chapter 2, verses 1-2). The Messenger of Allah (sawa) rose and his light appeared for the people and his message was established.

He (sawa) (the Prophet) was born in the year six thousand one hundred and three. And the explanation (of the date of his birth) is in the Huruf Al-Muqatta’a which you can calculate by counting the numbers associated to the letters without repeating them.#

Every instance of these letters refers to the rising of one of the men of Bani Hashim. Alif equals one; Laam equals thirty; Meem equals forty; and Saad equals ninety. So the total is one hundred and sixty-one. Husain’s (as) rising took place (at the time referred to) in “Alif, Laam, Meem, Allah” (Chapter 3, verses 1-2). After his time, a man from the sons of Bani Abbas rose (at the time referred to) in “Alif, Laam, Meem, Saad” (Chapter 7, verse 1). And our Qa’em (as) will rise when (the Huruf Al-Muqatta’a) end with “Raa,” so understand this thoroughly and keep it a secret. (Tafseer Ayyashi volume 2 page 2)

Note: #For the purpose of calculation, if a letter is repeated in one word with the use of tashdeed, the second instance of the letter will be ignored in the process of calculation. For example, in the word “Allah,” the letter “L” should only be counted once.

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