Holy Quran, Chapter 88 Verses 1-4

هَلْ أَتَاكَ حَدِيثُ الْغَاشِيَةِ  وُجُوهٌ يَوْمَئِذٍ خَاشِعَةٌ  عَامِلَةٌ نَّاصِبَةٌ  تَصْلَى نَارًا حَامِيَةً

“Has not the news of the overwhelming (covered) event come to you? (Some) faces shall he downcast on that day, toiling, appointing, entering the blazing fire”

When Imam Sadiq (as) was asked about the verse, “Has not the news of the overwhelming (covered) event come to you?” the Imam (as) replied, “(It means) the Qaem (as) will go to (the people) by sword.”

Regarding the verse, “(Some) faces shall be downcast on that day”, Imam (as) said, (It means) they will not be able to stop the Qaem (as).”

Regarding the word, “toiling”, Imam (as) replied, (It means) their deeds were not based on that which was sent down by Allah.

About the word “appointing”, Imam (as) said, (It means) they appointed others for leadership instead of the Imams.

About the words “entering the blazing fire”, Imam (as) said, (It means) that they will enter the fire of war in this life at the time of the Qaem (as), and they will enter the blazing fires of Hell in the Hereafter. (Al Kafi volume 8 page 50)

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