Imam Mahdi (as) And Hadithe Qudsi

The following tradition was narrated at the occasion of the birth of Imam Husain (as). It is Hadith Qudsi – which means that it is the word of Allah, but not a part of Quran. The tradition highlights that the discussion about Imam Mahdi (as) was done by Allah (swt) and He has emphasised the same for Holy Prophet (sawa) and the Prophet (sawa) to his followers. This tradition is also famous as ‘Hadithe Lauh’

Tablet of Hazrat Zahra (sa)

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) recounts, “My father asked Jabir Ibne Abdullah Ansari regarding the tablet of Hazrat Zahra (sa) which he had seen with her.”

Jabir narrates, “I take Allah as witness that on the occasion of the birth of Imam Husayn (as) I went to your mother’s (Hazrat Zahra (sa)) house so as to felicitate her on this joyous occasion. I saw a green tablet resembling emeralds in her hand. The writing on the tablet reminded me of the brilliance of the sun. Amazed, I said. O Daughter of the Prophet! May my parents be sacrificed for you! What is the significance of the tablet (in your hand)?

She said, This tablet was presented by Allah to His Messenger (sa). It bears my father’s name, as well as the names of my two sons and their successors. This tablet was then presented to me by my father, to commemorate the momentousness of this birth.

Then Jabir continues, I swear by Allah that I saw the following inscribed on the tablet,

“In the Name of Allah, the most Beneficent the most Merciful. This is a communique from the most Venerable and the most Wise (Allah) to His light, His messenger, His proof, Mohammed. Jibraeel (as) conveys this tablet from Allah’s side. I have not raised a Prophet and caused him to die, except that I have chosen for him a successor. I have given you preeminence over all other prophets and I have given your successor (Imam Ali (as)) precedence over all other successors. And after him, I have elevated you through your beloved grandsons, Hasan and Husain. I shall reward the people and chastise them based on their love for the progeny of Hasan and Husain.

The first among them is Ali, the doyen of worshippers and the adornment of all my friends. After him is his son, Mohammed, the semblance of his ancestor Mohammed (sa). He shall disseminate (My) knowledge, and is indeed the mine of My wisdom. Those who deny (his son) Jafar shall meet a most unpleasant end. I shall elevate Jafar to a lofty station. I shall gratify him through his followers, his helpers and his friends. After him I selected (his son) Musa. Then the one who denies even one of them, has indeed repudiated (all) my bounties.

And one who disowns the eighth one (Reza) has indeed denied all my (previous) successors. Surely Ali is My successor and helper. And I have made it binding upon myself to soothe him through his son Mohammed, who shall succeed him. He is the inheritor of My knowledge and the mine of wisdom. After him is (his son) Ali who is My friend and helper. I shall complete My leadership through him. (Soon) through him I shall manifest Hasan, who will call towards My path and be the treasurer of My knowledge. Then I shall complete this chain through his son M-H-M-D, the mercy for the universe.

Indeed these are my true successors. I shall repel all discord and strife through them. I shall reform all errors through them. Through them, I shall grant reprieve to the imprisoned. Their religion is incessantly sending salutations and mercy upon them. Verily they are beacons of guidance (for mankind).”
(Faraedus Simtayn, chapter 2, pages 137-139, tradition 432)

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This tradition is invaluable. Numerous critical points are highlighted in it, among which, the successors of the Prophet have been introduced along with their names and characteristics. These are those twelve caliphs mentioned by Jabir in his narration, which is deemed authentic, and is even chronicled in the ‘Sihah Sittah’.

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