Imam Mahdi (as) and Hazrat Khizr (as)

Imam Sadiq (as) said, Allah, the Exalted, has ordered three qualities in our Qaem (as), which He had ordered to three (previous) apostles. He ordered his birth like the birth of Musa (as); his disappearance like the disappearance of Isa (as); and his longevity like the longevity of Nuh (as). Moreover, He made the lifespan of His virtuous servant Khizr a proof of his lifespan.” (Beharul Anwar, volume 51, Chapter 18, tradition 9)

In Beharul Anwar it is quoted from Manaqib from Dawood Riqqi that he said: “Two of my brothers decided to travel for performing Ziyarat. One of them was overwhelmed by thirst so much that he fell down from his mount and the other one also fell on his hands. But he got up from his place and recited the prayer and sought the help of Almighty Allah, the Holy Prophet (sawa), Ameerul Momeneen (as) and the Imams (as). He uttered their names one by one till he came to the name of Jafar bin Muhammad (as), and he began to beseech and call out to him. Suddenly he decried a man standing besides him and asking: ‘What’s the problem?’ He related his circumstances to that gentleman. That person gave him a piece of wood and said: ‘Keep it between his (fellow traveler’s) lips.’ He complied with this and once he saw him open his eyes, sat up, without feeling any thirst. They continued their journey and performed the Ziyarat of the holy tomb.

And when they returned towards Kufa the one who had supplicated, traveled to Medina and went to Imam Sadiq (as). The Imam (as) asked: ‘Sit down, how is your brother? Where is that (piece of) wood?’ I politely replied: ‘O master, when my brother fell down in that condition I was extremely distraught and when the Almighty Allah returned his soul, due to being overjoyed I forgot the (piece of) wood.’

Imam Sadiq (as) said: ‘When you were depressed by the condition of your brother, my brother, Khizr came to me. I sent you the piece of Tooba tree wood with him.’ After that the Imam (as) turned to his servant and said: ‘Go and bring that container.’ The servant went and brought it. The Imam (as) opened it and that same piece of wood came out. He showed it to that person who recognized it. Then the Imam returned it to its place.” (Mikyalul Makarem, volume 1, chapter of Resemblance to Hazrat Khizr)

Long Life of Hazrat Khizr is a proof for Imam Mahdi (as)

Imam Mahdi (as) is also such that the Almighty Allah gave him a long lifespan. Rather some traditions inform us that the wisdom behind the prolongation of Khizr’s life is that it should be a proof for the longevity of Imam Mahdi (as).

Shaykh Sudooq (ar) has mentioned a lengthy tradition in his book from Imam Jafar Sadiq (as), “And as for the righteous servant, Khizr (as), the Almighty Allah bestowed him with a long lifespan not due to the fact that He had made him a Prophet, or because a book was revealed to him, nor that he brought a new Shariat nullifying the previous one, nor that He made him an Imam and required the people to follow him, nor because his obedience was compulsory. Rather it was because it was there in the knowledge of Allah, the Blessed and the High, that during occultation the age of Imam Mahdi (as) would be prolonged to an extent that people would not believe it, and they would deny a long age, He prolonged the age of the righteous servant, Khizr (as) without any justification, except that it be a basis for proving the age of Imam Mahdi (as) so that the arguments and proofs of the opponents may be invalidated and that people may not have any argument against Almighty Allah.” (Kamaluddin, volume 2, chapter 33, tradition 51)

And also in the book of Kamaluddin it is narrated from Imam Sadiq (as) that he said, Khizr (as) drank from the nectar of life. Thus he is alive and will not die till the bugle is blown. Indeed he comes to us and he greets us by Salaam. His voice is audible but he could not be seen. And he is present wherever his name is mentioned. Thus whomsoever of you mentions him, must say Salaam to him. Every year he is present in the ceremonies of Hajj. He performs all the rituals and he camps at Arafat; says Amen to the prayers of believers. And the Almighty Allah changes the loneliness of our Imam Mahdi (as) during his occultation into his companionship and removes his solitude through him (Khizr). (Kamaluddin chapter 38, Narrations of Hazrat Khizr (as), tradition 4)

Some similarities between Hazrat Khizr (as) and Imam Mahdi (as)

The name of Hazrat Khizr (as) is ‘Baliya’ and other names are also mentioned. The reason of his being named such is that – as Shaykh Sudooq (ar) said – he never sits on dry wood except that it turns green and it is said that whenever he prays the surroundings turn green. And it is said that once he was on a white land and he moved once and became green. The word ‘Khzr’ is pronounced in three ways: ‘Khazr’, ‘Khizr’ and ‘Khazir”. (Mikyalul Makarim, chapter of Resemblance to Hazrat Khizr)

It is mentioned in Najmus Saqib that to whichever land Imam Mahdi (as) comes, it would become green and vegetated and water would flow from it. And when he departs from there the water would recede and the land will return to its prior condition. (Najmus Saqib, page 84)

The Almighty Allah has bestowed Hazrat Khizr (as) with the power to assume any form as Ali bin Ibrahim, in his Tafseer has related from Imam Jafar Sadiq (as). (Tafseer al-Qummi, page 404) Almighty Allah has bestowed the same power to Imam Mahdi (as).

Khizr (as) has the ability to know the unseen as he said in his conversation with Prophet Musa (as): “He said: Surely you cannot have patience with me: And how can you have patience in that of which you have not got a comprehensive knowledge?” (Surah Kahf, verses 67-68)

Imam Mahdi (as) also has the ability to know the unseen as mentioned in the discussion about the knowledge and wisdom of Hazrat Khizr (as) did not reveal the wisdom behind his actions till after he exposed himself. Imam Mahdi (as) is also such that the cause of his occultation will not be exposed till after the reappearance.

Khizr (as) participates in the Hajj ceremonies every year and performs all the rituals. Imam Mahdi (as) also participates in the Hajj ceremonies every year and performs all the rituals.

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