Imam Mahdi (as) and Similarities with Prophets and Imams

Imam Mahdi (as) is the final link in the chain of proofs from Allah. After Prophethood and Messengership was terminated upon Holy Prophet (sawa), the period of Imamate began with Imam Ali (as) and continues till today with the blessed presence of Imam Mahdi (as). He (as) is the manifestation of all qualities of Prophets, Messengers and Imams (as). He is the inheritor of their legacies and their merits and excellences.

There are several similarities between Imam Mahdi (as) and the prophets. As regards his similarities with other Imams (as), one can pay attention to the introduction of Imam Mahdi (as) in Durood Tusi. This is a famous dua, very similar to Dua Tawassul. The section on Imam Mahdi (as) states –

O Allah send blessings, peace And abounding bounties On him who,

  • Is keeping alive the message of Holy Prophet (sawa),
  • the prevailing genius of Haider (Imam Ali (as)),
  • the integrity of Fatemah (sa),
  • the gentle kindness of Hasan (as),
  • the alert fearless courage of Husain (as),
  • the dedicated worship of Ali As-Sajjad (as),
  • the profound intellectual power of Mohammed Al-Baqir (as),
  • the in-depth wisdom of Jafar As-Sadiq (as),
  • the all-knowing knowledge of Musa Al-Kazim (as),
  • the decisive arguments of Ali Ar-Reza (as),
  • the Liberal generosity of Mohammed At-Taqi (as),
  • the purest purity of Ali An-Naqi (as),
  • the awe-inspiring reverence of Hasan Al-Askari (as),

Then the introduction continues..

(Imam Mahdi (as) is )…the invisible strategy of Allah, the true guardian, inviting mankind to the ultimate real truth, the word of Allah, peace unto the worlds from Allah, the decisive argument of Allah, the established authority of Allah, carrying out the true purpose of the religion of Allah, exercising authority on behalf Allah, gathers mankind and educates them to keep away from what has been forbidden by Allah. He guides through wisdom – known and unknown to mankind. He drives away hardships and sorrows. The generous, the benevolent, the true Imam, Abul Qasim, Mohammed bin Hasan – the authority of our time and age, the channel of Divine mercy, the defender of faith, the convincing, decisive, penetrating and sharp argument, the bearer of the meanings of Holy Quran, master of the men and Jinn.

The above introduction is comprehensive and establishes the position of Imam Mahdi (as).

Imam Mahdi (as) enjoys some similarities with previous prophets. Those which are narrated to us through the Holy Imams (as) and reported in the book Kamaluddin are given below.

The above articles also serve one very important purpose in that they establish that Allah kept these similarities so that people would not doubt the special characteristics of Imam Mahdi (as).

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