Incidents of Mulaqaat – People Who Met Imam Mahdi (as)

Meeting with Imam Mahdi (as) is a good fortune for the one whom Imam (as) has chosen to meet. Here are some incidents from which we can take lesson from. An important point to note is that meeting Imam Mahdi (as) is a grace from Allah and hence it can be acquired through constant pleading from Allah and from Imam Mahdi (as) himself. May Allah grant us the tawfeeq to meet with Imam Mahdi (as). Ameen!

  1. Imam Mahdi (as) helps to complete the book
  2. Imam Mahdi (as) helps to complete the verses
  3. Incident of meeting Imam Mahdi narrated by Sayyed Mahdi Modarresi (Video)
  4. Imam Mahdi (as) meets and advises Ali Ibne Mahziyar
  5. Recommendation to recite Dua Faraj (Namaz)
  6. Incident of the deceptive pomegranate
  7. Imam Mahdi (as) helps the Haji – Tahyul Arz
  8. Imam Mahdi (as) appoints the Mujtahid
  9. Imam Mahdi (as) washes away the blood
  10. Imam Mahdi (as) solves the question for Muqaddas Ardabeli
  11. Help to Shiahs (Allamah Bahrul Uloom)
  12. Cure for Ismail Harqali
  13. Cure from Disease
  14. Imam Mahdi (as) knows the needs of believers
  15. Ya Aba Saleh Al-Mahdi Adrikni
  16. Incident of Sayyed Muhammad Jabal Amili
  17. Imam Husain (as) And forgiveness of sins
  18. Miracle of Hazrat Zahra (sa)
  19. Two Scholars – Shiah and Sunni
  20. The good fortune of Haji Mohammed Ali Fashandi
  21. Sunni scholar and a glimpse of Imam Mahdi (as)
  22. Letter of deliverance – Haaj Shaykh Ali Baghdadi
  23. Imam Mahdi (as) and his grief for Imam Husain (as)
  24. Emphasis on morning prayer
  25. Repayment of loan
  26. Allamah Hilli and his episode
  27. Imam Mahdi (as) and his solution to a religious difficulty
  28. Correction of a fatwa
  29. Advice to acquire knowledge
  30. An opportunity to meet the Imam (as)
  31. Ziyarat Waretha and the lamentation of Imam Mahdi (as)
  32. Sorrow of Imam Mahdi (as)
  33. The Meeting in the night
  34. Imam Mahdi (as) and the solution to the problem in tawaf
  35. Cure for the sick
  36. Emphasis for reciting Quran
  37. Advice to read Quran
  38. Visit from Imam Mahdi (as) in sickness
  39. Meeting in Masjid Kufa
  40. Imam Mahdi (as) offers a complete cure
  41. Help from Imam Mahdi (as)
  42. Secret of Shaykh Murtuza Ansari (ra)
  43. A cure from TB (Tuberculosis)
  44. The wound of Siffeen
  45. Recommendations – Namaz Shab, Ziyarat Ashurah, Ziyarat Jameah
  46. Cure for Shaykh Hurre Amili
  47. Special signs of Surah Hashr
  48. Imam Mahdi (as) meets Shaykh Mohammed Taher Najafi in Masjid Kufa
  49. Final Remembrance – Questions and Answers


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  • May ALLAH (S W T) grants us mulakat with our Imam E ZAMAN. These people were very pious. Hope that ALLAH (SWT) makes us live our life such that we get opportunity to meet our Last Hope

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