Another Report from Janabe Hakima Khatoon (sa)

The following narrations are taken from the book Najmus Saqib. On page 83 of volume 1 of this book (English edition) we find that according to the report of Mas’oodi (Isbaatul Wasiyyah al-Imam Ali Ibne Abi Talib (as), page 259) and Hazini, (Hidayatul Kubra, page 356)

Janabe Hakima Khatoon said: “I came to Imam Hasan Askari (as) after forty days and saw my master walking in the house. I have not seen anyone more elegant than him and have not heard anyone speaking in a more eloquent tongue than him. Thus, Imam Hasan Askari (as) said to me: He is the chosen one by Allah. I said: My chief, he is only forty days old, but I see that he has grown very fast.”

He said: “O aunt, do you not know that we divine successors grow in a day as much as others grow in a week and grow in a week as much as others grow in a year.”

Then I arose and kissed the head of the holy child and returned home. The next time I visited the Imam, I searched for the boy, but did not find him anywhere. I asked my master, Abu Mohammed, where is my master? He said: “O aunt, I have entrusted him to One that mother of Musa entrusted.”

According to the report of Hazini (Hidayatul Kubra, page 357), then he said, “When he handed him to me, Allah sent two angles, who picked him up and took him behind the veil of the Arsh till he stood proximate to the presence of the Almighty Allah. He said, “Welcome, my servant, for the support of My religion and expression of My command and the Mahdi of my servants. I swore that I will take through you and give through you, and forgive through you and through you will I punish. Take him back, O two angels, to his father with respect and attention and tell him that he is in My refuge and care, till the time that I will establish the truth through him and destroy falsehood till the religion is purely for Me.”

Imam Hasan Askari (as) said: “When the master of the age was born, he kneeled down and raised his two fingers towards the sky and sneezed, he said: Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds and may Allah bless Mohammed and the Progeny of Mohammed without pretension and pride.”

Then he said: “The oppressors thought that the Divine Proof is invalid and destroyed. If we had been permitted to speak freely about him, all the doubts would be removed.” (Hidayatul Kubra, page 357 as mentioned in the statement of Naseem and Maariyah in Kamaluddin page 430)

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