Long Life? Relax! Its Just An Exception…

There are times when we are confronted with news of human beings whose abilities transcend the normal. These news surprise and amaze us. For example, how many of us have heard of a person who has the ability to attract metal objects to his body like a magnet? Or of the person who has an amazing memory and can rattle off thousands of numbers from the phone book. Or of the person who can withstand heat so that extent that boiling oil has no effect on his body?Surprised? Well don’t be. These are true cases and video and documentary proof is available for the same.

The objective of bringing this up in the topic for longevity is to make the point that there are “normal” people, perhaps like you and and me, the masses who have normal abilities. And then there are some people who are blessed with extraordinary abilities which are unexplained. When presented with their stories, we say – “He is an exception.” And that is the truth. Such exceptional people are able to do things – eat, run, sleep (or go without sleep!) – which ordinary people are unable to do and for whom these acts are simple unthinkable.

In the case of Imam Mahdi (as) as well, for the skeptics who remain unconvinced despite proofs being available to them, we say that you should treat the long life of Imam Mahdi (as) as an exception. There is no rule of science which disallows exceptions. In fact science is all about establishing such exceptions and understanding the science behind it so that it does not remain an exception any more. Perhaps at some time in the near or far future, science may be able to explain the cause for the long life of Imam Mahdi (as). Till then, we should be satisfied to treat it as an “exception” like the following interesting “exceptions.”

Eye popping Man

Claudio Pinto has the ability to pop out his eyes 95% out of their sockets!

Crazy Visual Memory

Stephen Wiltshire has the ability to look at a subject just once and create a drawing of the subject in full detail and accuracy. Wiltshire was able to accurately recreate New York city after a brief helicopter ride above it!

Man Unaffected by Boiling Oil

Dipping his hands into a vat of boiling fat to pluck out fried fish, this street chef is taking his profession to the extreme. Prem Singh, 65, has become famed in the backstreets of Old Delhi for his unique ability. He regularly plucks fried fish from the vat – which is heated up to 200 degree celsius – using his bare hands. But incredibly, the veteran fryer says he has never suffered any burns, blisters or ill effects.


In another case, a street chef in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh has been dubbed super hands – thanks to his ability to dip his hands into boiling hot oil unscathed. Ram Babu regularly attracts hordes of spectators, who come to see his astonishing ability. The 60-year-old snack seller can bury his bare hands into searing cooking oil heated up to 200C for frying fritters. (Watch Video)

Human Lightbulb!

Electric boy in India can withstand shocking 11,000 volts without feeling a thing. An Indian teenager has told how he can withstand 11,000 volts passing through his body – and only discovered his bizarre talent by accident when he was repairing his mother’s heater.

The Boy Made of Rubber

This is Daniel Browning Smith and he has been named the most flexible man alive. He’s flexible enough to dislocate his arms in order to fit through an unstrung tennis racket! The ‘rubberboy’ has three Guinness World Records to his name for his abilities.

Teeth of Steel

Rathakrishnan Velu from Malaysia is able to pull weights of over 200 tonnes using his teeth! He claims he obtained this amazing talent when an Indian guru taught him to channel all his power to a single part of his body when he was 14

The Man That Never Sleeps

Hai Ngoc hasn’t slept since he got a flu in 1973! Amazingly, he continues to function completely normally and the lack of sleep has had no impact on his day to day activities.

Superhuman Reflexes

Isao Machii from Japan has the ability to process his surroundings in a different way to normal humans. Rather than seeing an item move through the air, he can anticipate the exact location of the item at any given moment with incredible accuracy. He uses this talent to chop items out of the air using his Katana for people’s entertainment – he’s popular on the internet for chopping up airsoft pellets fired directly at him, which can travel at speeds of up to 550 ft/s!

Ice Man

This is Wim Hof and he is impervious to cold. Wim Hof climbed Mount Everest in nothing but a pair of bicycle shorts! The temperatures on Mount Everest can vary from between minus 35 degrees Celsius and minus 60 degrees Celsius – temperatures where any other human would have been killed in minutes without the correct protection.

Seeing with Sound

Ben Underwood lost his eyesight at the young age of 3 from cancer. Ben is able to make clicking sounds using his mouth and judge the echo produced to understand his surroundings and any obstacles in his path. This unique ability has allowed Ben to walk around without any assistance, ride his bike and have other normal childhood experiences.

Hyper Endurance

This is long distance runner Dean Karnazes. Dean has superhuman endurance levels. His extraordinary feats include running on a treadmill for 80 hours non-stop (350 miles) and running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days. Dean’s science team has concluded that if he was kept properly hydrated and fed, he could literally run at around 7-10 miles per hour until he died of old age – Dean can just keep on running!

Eat it All

Michel Lotito from France has been eating metal, rubber and all sorts of crazy stuff that should never enter the human body! He goes by the nickname ‘Monsieur Mangetout’ which translated is ‘Mr. Eat it All’.

Changing Body Temperature

The ‘Garth’ Monks from Tibet has the ability to change their body temperature using only their minds! They have been recorded to have changed their temperature by 8 degrees Celsius.

No Pain

Tim Cridland is the man that feels no pain. Tim has used this ability for shock entertainment by pushing needles and skewers through various body parts.

Amazing Brain

David Tammet has a special kind of brain. He can solve complex mathematical problems in his head!

Magnetized Man

Liew Thow Lin is 70 years old and only recently discovered that he has the amazing ability of sticking metallic objects to his body like a magnet!

Lion Whisperer

Kevin Richardson has become so close to wild animals such as Lions, cheetahs and Hyenas that they treat him as their own!

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So, does that change your mind for the long life of Imam Mahdi (as)?

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