Meeting Imam Mahdi (as) – Cure For The Sick

The late Maulana Meer Jahan was engulfed in a severe illness. He travelled several times to Isfahan, Tehran and Khorasan for a cure, but did not succeed in his effort.He narrates, one day, some of my friends came over and took me to a place called Sheerwan. On the way back, we stopped at a place called Quchaan. Outside the city, there was the tomb of Imamzadeh Ibrahim, (one of the sons of an Imam (as)). We reached that place which had a very good climate. A soft breeze was blowing. My friends said that we would wait there till afternoon since it was a very peaceful place. I said, I am okay, whatever you think best.

While my friends were busy in preparing lunch. I said to them, I would like to walk to the river and wash my hands and feet. The advised me against it saying that the river was far from there and that I would face difficulties in reaching it. I insisted saying that I would walk slowly. Inshallah, nothing would happen to me. Finally, I started walking slowly towards the river so that my feet would not hurt. I reached the river and after performing ablution, I sat on it banks and started observing the beautiful scenery.

Suddenly, I saw a person coming towards me. He came close to me and after conveying salaams, said, Meer Jahan! You are a person of dua and medicine. You have not found a treatment for your leg’s disease? Do you want that I should treat your leg?

I said, It will be my pleasure if you can offer me a solution. I will be indebted to you. The person came close to me and extracted a knife from his pocket. He first placed the knife at the area of the pain and then started moving it along the length of my leg right up to my sole of my foot and then he pressed my leg a bit. That caused me severe pain and a cry escaped my lips. Then he looked at me and said, now you are fine.

I wanted to get up with support of my walking stick, but he took away my stick and threw it in the direction of the river. I felt that my leg had healed completely. I was able to stand up easily and could not feel any pain in my leg. I turned to him and said, where are you from? He indicated all four directions with his hand and said, I am from here only.

I said, if I wanted to meet you, where can I find you? He replied, you will not understand the directions to my location. However I know your residence. He then narrated my exact address and added, whenever there is a need, I will come myself to you. Saying this, he started walking away from me.

At that moment, my friends reached the river and asked, where is your walking stick? I asked, did you see our lord and master? They replied in the negative. I said, the Imam (as) was here just a few moments ago. He has cured me and now I am completely fine. Hearing this, he searched extensively for him, but could not find the Imam (as).

Ref: Shiftagaan  Hazrat Mahdi, volume 1, page 240

Lessons from this incident

There are several lessons which can be derived from this incident. Some of these lessons are as follows.

This incident informs us along with the medicine, a person is also in need of prayers to achieve a complete cure. In this regards, a person should refer to Dua number 15 of Sahifa Kamilah which Imam Sajjad (as) used to recite when he was unwell.

Just as a child narrates his pain and difficulty to his parents, in the same way, a person should narrates his illness to the Imam of the Time (as) and seek his help for a cure.

During the Ziyarat tour, one should not forsake the Ziyarat of the Imamzadahs (sons of Aimmah) without a good reason. They too are amongst the relatives of the Imam (as) and Imam (as) too visits them.

Good friends take you to good places. We should seek out good friends for ourselves.

The medicines offered by doctors may offer temporary relief. But the cure offered by the Imam (as) will be permanent.

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