Meeting Imam Mahdi (as) – Emphasis for Reciting Quran

Shaikh Mohammed Hasan Mazandarani (Mazandaran is the name of a city in Iran) says that after a few days of my marriage I was afflicted with tuberculosis (TB). On account of this illness, I became very weak and soon I was unable gather strength to even leave my house.However I maintained my ritual of going for Ziyarat every afternoon after Asr. Due to my illness, I was unable to stay there for very long. So I used to recite the Ziyarat quickly and return home. My family members used to put up my bed on the terrace, so as soon I used to return from Ziyarat, I used to go to the terrace and lie down on my bed.

Once, as was my custom, I returned from Ziyarat and was resting on my bed when a person who looked similar to Sayyed Mahdi Qazvini (Qazvin is a place in Iran. Sayyed Mahdi was from that place) came up to the terrace without informing any one. I was surprised by this. I made a movement to stand up in his respect. I also wanted to inform the ladies not to come upstairs. Instantly, he made a sign with his hand indicating that I should keep silent and not move. He came close to me and started caressing my forehead with his hand. Then he said, how is your condition now? Recite the Quran excessively.

At that moment I felt that I had been completely healed. At the same instant, I became attentive that the person had disappeared. I looked all over for him; I even asked my family members, but no one had seen this person coming or going. It struck me that he person was my master Imam Mahdi (as). I looked everywhere for him, but could not find any sign of him.

Ref: Barakate’ Hazrat Wali Asr (as), page 236

Lessons from this incident

There are several lessons which one can derive from this incident. Some of these are as follows:

One should try as much as possible to complete those acts which one has made as a routine for oneself. Aimmah (as) say that an act which is done regularly, even though it be small is better than an act which is done infrequently, even though it may be big.

However there are times when the heart is tired and one is not able to perform acts. In such cases, one should refer to the tradition of Hazrat Ameerul Momeneen (as), when the hearts are tired, then give them a rest. However if this condition persists for some days, then one should dig deeper into the cause for the same because traditions inform us that sins prevent us from performing good deeds.

How fortunate was Shaikh Mohammed Hasan Mazandarani who received the advise for reciting the Quran from the Imam (as) himself. Sufficient it is for the Shiahs to know the importance of the Quran from the incidents of its recitation by Imam Husain (as) even when his blessed head was on the spear or the companions of Imam Husain (as) who recited Quran on the eve of Ashurah. 

A person may be afflicted by illness at any time. Therefore at the times when one is healthy, he should use the opportunity to thank Allah for his good health.

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