Meeting Imam Mahdi (as) – Imam Mahdi (as) Completes the Verses

Mohtashim Kashani had a son, who died young, so he composed a few couplets in his grief. One night, he saw the Messenger of Allah (s) in dream, who said: You have composed a an elegy (Marsiya) for your son, but did not compose one for my son?

Mohtashim says: I woke up; but since I had never done that before, I did not know how to begin a Marsiya for Imam Husayn.

The following night again I saw the Holy Prophet (s) in dream and he was asking me: Why do you not compose a Marsiya about the tragedy of my son?

I said humbly: Because I have never done this before.

The Holy Prophet (sawa)  said, Say – Now, what is the revolution, which has taken place among the creatures of the world?

I woke up and took this to be the opening line of my Marsiya and added the rhyming lines to it. Till I reached the following line: It is in grief, even though it may be the being of the Mighty and Sublime.

But at this point I encountered a block and did not know how to conclude; lest it may be audacity against Almighty Allah.

At night I saw the Imam of the Time, Imam Mahdi (as) in my dream and he asked, Why don’t you conclude your Marsiya?

I said: I could not proceed beyond this line.

The Imam (as) said, Say: He is in the heart and there is no heart without grief.

I woke up and adding this line, concluded my verse.

Today these verses are used in places of mourning as a reminder of this incident.

(Al-Kalaam Yajirul Kalaam volume 2 page 110)

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