Meeting Imam Mahdi (as) – Visit from Imam Mahdi (as) in Sickness

The wife of Janab Sayyed Abdullah Rafe’ei narrates that in his last days, Janab Abdullah was troubled by an illness which weakened him to such an extent that he was not having the strength to move out of his house. All his work was therefore done by his wife.She says – One day I offered him dinner and prepared his bed for rest. Not much time had passed that someone’s voice was heard, O Allah! O Allah!

I immediately stepped into the courtyard of the house to investigate and saw that in the dark of the night, a Maulana bearing a black turban, dressed in a white colour dress and yellow shoes. I saw him and said, O Maulana, welcome. He entered the room and sat at the side of Janab Rafe’ei. After conveying salaams, he asked about his condition. I went into the kitchen and while preparing tea, tried to hear what they were saying. I tried my best to understand their conversation, but was unable to do so. They were conversing in Arabic.

When the tea was prepared, I poured it into a cup and placed it in front of him. He said, I don’t drink tea. I said, please recite some dua by which he can benefit and be cured by it. He picked up the cup of tea, recited a dua and blew into it. He then kept it back in its place and after conveying greetings, got up and left from there.

When he reached the door of the room, he turned towards me and offered some advice regarding Janab Rafe’ei. Then he told me something about him which no person was aware about. But even then I did not pay attention to it. Then after conveying greeting, he turned and left the room.

I said to myself, it is better that I accompany him to the door of the courtyard and bid him goodbye. With this thought in mind, I started walking towards him. However, he had barely left the house, when he disappeared. I was stunned at this occurrence and rushed out of the house to catch a glimpse of him. However there was no one except for my neighbour in the lane of our house.

I asked her, a person with such and such features just stepped out of my house. Did you see him. Did you see which way he went?

He appeared surprised by my questions. She said, I have not seen any person leaving your house. Perhaps you have seen a dream.

At that moment, I knew that the person was Imam Mahdi (as) who had come to visit Janab Rafe’ei in his illness. (Mulaqaaat Ba Imame’ Asr (as), page 122)

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