Our Duties – Befriending and Helping Shiahs of Imam Mahdi (as)

Imam Reza (as) said, If one maintains relations with and helps (does ehsaan upon) any needy Shiah, it is as it he has maintained relations and helped (done ehsaan) us. (Kamiluz Ziyarat page 319)

Imam Kazim (as) said, If any Shiah approaches you with his need, know that it is a mercy from Allah for which, He has opened the doors of mercy for you. Surely, if he fulfills his need, he brings himself closer to us (by this action). This, truly, is the wilayat of Allah (The Most High). (Beharul Anwar volume 74 page 413)

Imam Sadiq (as) states in a tradition, By Allah, one who pleases a single of our Shiahs, it is as if he has pleased us. Then the Imam (as) continued, Nay, it is as if he has pleased the Holy Prophet (saw) and pleased Allah (The Most High).

Imam Kazim (as) said, One who fulfills the desire of any one of our Shiahs, it is as if he has fulfilled our (Ahle Bayt) desires.

The Holy Prophet (saw) said, If a person makes an effort to help his brother in faith with the intention to acquire the pleasure of Allah (The Most High) and for his betterment, it is as if he has served Allah (The Most High) for one thousand years in such a state that he has not committed a  single sin.” (Kamaluddin, page 541)

From the traditions above, it is clear that helping the Shiahs of Ali (as) and fulfilling their desires and needs in the time of Ghaybat carries the reward of help and service of the Holy Imams (as). And why should it not be so? Surely, if one helps a child in the absence of his parents, then the parents on their return would certainly consider the help rendered to their child as an obligation upon themselves.

A tradition from Imam Hasan Askari (as), the gist of which is narrated here, says that in the time of Ghaybat, the act of teaching religion to the ignorant Shiahs is like caressing the hair of the orphans of Ahle Bayt (as). (Surely the Shiahs are orphaned by the absence of their Imam). The reward for this action is equal to the number of hair, which come below the loving caress and an equal number of sins are forgiven.

Mirza Mohammed Baqir Faqih Eemani reports a tradition in volume 2 of Behaar-ul-Anwaar, the gist of which is that the act of guiding an ignorant person towards Imam Mahdi (as) is better than the performance of 100 years of correct and accepted worship. The presence of such a person (who guides the people) is superior in the eyes of Allah than that of 70 believers. (Fauz-e-Akbar page 135)

From the above traditions, we can conclude that:

As far as possible, upto the best of our capacity and ability, we must try to help and solve the problems of the Shiahs of Ahle Bayt (as). This is indeed one of the best ways to seek and achieve the pleasure of Allah and the Holy Imams, especially that of Imam Mahdi (as).

The best way in which one can help the Shiahs is by guiding them towards (the love of ) Imam Mahdi (as). Naturally, this includes members of our family, our children, relatives and close friends.

The act of guidance towards (the love of) Imam Mahdi (as) is better than the performance of 100 years of correct and accepted worship and one who does this enjoys superiority in the eyes of Allah over 70 believers.

Our gatherings should not be devoid of the remembrance of Imam Mahdi (as).

Sayyed Ibne Tawoos, while commenting on Surah Asr writes, the last verse of Surah Asr (wa tawasau bil haqqe’ wa tawasau bis sabr) means that we remind each other towards the fulfillment of the right that Imam Mahdi (as) has upon us. (Iqbal volume 1 page 457)

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