Our Duties – Composing and Reciting Poems in Imam’s Praise

One of the duties of Shiahs in Ghaybat (occultation) is to compose poetry or couplets in praise of Imam (as) and recite these poems etc. These two activities are ways to help Imam (as).

Imam Sadiq (as) says, Allah makes a house in Paradise for one who composes a couplet about us. (Wasailush Shia volume 10 page 467 tradition no. 1)

It is also narrated from Imam Sadiq (as) that he said, None composes a verse about us that Ruhul Qudus helps him. (Wasailush Shia volume 10 page 467 tradition no. 2)

It is narrated from Imam Ali Reza (as) that he said, For one who composes in our favor a verse of poetry, the Almighty Allah builds in Paradise a palace, seven times the size of this earth, where he will be visited by every proximate angel and every messenger prophet. (Wasailush Shia volume 10 page 467 tradition no. 3)

The author of Mikyalul Makarem writes that the different rewards mentioned in various traditions is probably due to the different level of recognition that different poets have for the Holy Imam (as) and the level of their faith.

It is narrated from Zurarah that he said, Kumayt bin Zaid came to Imam Mohammed Baqir (as) when I was also present there. Kumayt recited a tribute in praise of the Holy Imam (as). When he concluded, Imam Baqir (as) said: As long as you go on composing verses in our honor, you will be continued to be assisted by Ruhul Qudus. (Wasailush Shiah volume 10 page 467 tradition no. 4)

It is narrated from Kumayt bin Zaid Asadi that he said: I went to Imam Muhammad Baqir (as) and he (as) said to me, By Allah, O Kumayt, if I had any money I would have given it to you but I can only say that which the Messenger of Allah (sawa) said to Hassan bin Thabit, Ruhul Qudus will always be there with you, till the time you continue to defend us… (Rauzat Al-Kafi volume 8 page  102)

This also proved by traditions regarding reciting of verses in the honor of the Holy Imams (as) in their presence and how they rewarded the poets with a great deal of wealth. There are many incidents on this subject that throw a great deal of light on the conditions and manners of Imam (as).

The question that arises is that what should that person do if he does not possess the capacity and skill to recite poems? In such a case, he should, as a sign of his love, at least collect those poems which narrate the virtues of the Imams (as). For the reciters of poems, it is clear that they can do so only by the help of Ruhul Qudus. Reciters of such poems should acknowledge this whenever people praise them. This acknowledgement will not lower the stature of the poet or the reciter, but will be a cause of more taufeeq (opportunities) and greater reward.

At this point, there is a humble request to all the poets of Ahle Bayt (as). There are few books on verses in praise of Imam Mahdi (as), which are available for readers. Therefore, this is an area, which we must focus on to try and publish as many books as possible on this subject. Surely, the poets of Ahle Bayt (as) have played a great role in the spreading of the religion and there is no doubt, that with their unique style, they will be able to create love for Imam Mahdi (as) in the hearts of the people.

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