Our Duties – Helping Imam Mahdi (as) With One’s Property

It is the duty of a believer that he must set apart a share of his wealth and property in the service of Imam Mahdi (as). He should continue this every year. This is obligatory for all whether, rich or poor, whether lowly or exalted, woman or man. There is no difference with regard to social status. However, each should contribute depending upon his capability.

Traditions have mentioned the dedication of a part of our wealth to Imam Mahdi (as) but there is no fixed amount for it because apparently it is a highly recommended act. The Holy Imams (as) have likened it to a compulsory duty.

Imam Sadiq (as) said, No act is more liked by Allah than that of a believer who spends one dirham in the way of his Imam with sincerity. On the Day of Judgement, Allah will make that dirham as a witness for the believer. Then the Imam (as) recited the 245th verse of Surah Baqarah. (Al-Kafi volume 1 page 537 tradition no. 3)

Imam Sadiq (as) said, Spending one dirham in the way of the Imam (as) is better than spending 2 million dirhams in the way of all believers. (Al-Kafi volume 2 page 156, tradition no. 28)

Imam Sadiq (as) said, There is no better deed than earmarking a few dirhams (spending for the sake of) for Imam (as). The Almighty Allah makes this dirham equal to the mountain of Uhad in Paradise for the donor. After this Imam (as) said, The Almighty Allah says in His book – “Who is it that will offer of Allah a goodly gift, so He will multiply it to him manifold.” (Chapter 2 verse 245)

Imam says, By Allah this is a “special gift” to Imam (as). (Al-Kafi volume 1 page 537)

It is narrated from Ishaq bin Ammar that he asked Imam Kazim (as) regarding the following verse – “Who is there that will offer to Allah a good loan so He will double it for him, and he shall have an excellent reward.” (Chapter 57 verse 11)

The Imam said: It is revealed about doing favor to the Imam. (Al-Kafi volume 1 page 538)

Imam Sadiq (as) said to his companion, O Miyah, one dirham spent in doing favor to the Imam is heavier than the mountain of Ohad. (Al-Kafi volume 1 page 538)

Imam Sadiq (as) said, One dirham spent in doing favor to the Imam is better than two million dirhams spent in other charitable deeds. (Al-Kafi volume 2 page 156)

In a reliable traditional report it is narrated from Imam Sadiq (as) that he said, I take one dirham from one of you while I am one of the richest man of Medina (implying that the Imam does not have any need for our money), the sole aim of this is that you may be purified.

Imam Sadiq (as) said, One who thinks that the Imam is in need of what he takes from the people, is an infidel, it is not except that the people are needful that the Imam accepts from them. Allah, the Mighty and Sublime says – “Take alms out of their property, you would cleanse them and purify them thereby.”

Imam Sadiq (as) also said, One dirham spent as kindness to the Imam is better than a million dirhams spent in some other charitable act.

In Man La Yahzarul Faqih, it is mentioned in the Chapter of Virtues of Hajj – One dirham spent in Hajj expenses is better than a million dirhams spent in some other good way, one dirham that reaches the Imam is equal to spending a million dirhams in Hajj expenses. (Furu Al-Kafi volume 4 page 260, Tr. no. 31)

Imam Sadiq (as) said – Take out the share of Aale Muhammad from your wealth. One who is rich should pay according to his capacity and one who is poor should pay as per his poverty. Thus one who wants the Almighty Allah to fulfill his most important desire should do favor to Aale Muhammad and their Shiahs before the need arises for them. (Basharatul Mustafa page 6)

Mufaddal bin Umar said, I came to Imam Sadiq (as) one day with something I had brought for the Imam and I placed it before him. He asked: What is it? I said, It is a gift from one of your slaves. The Imam said, O Mufaddal, I accept, not because I need it; and I don’t accept it, except that through it purification is effected.

Then Imam Sadiq (as) said, I heard my father say – On Judgment Day Allah will not look at one who spends a year without spending anything, more or less for us. Then he said: O Mufaddal, it is an obligation that the Almighty Allah has laid down on our Shiahs in His Book. Then he recited the following verse, “By no means shall you attain to righteousness until you spend (benevolently) out of what you love.” (Holy Quran chapter 3 verse 92)

Thus, only we are “righteousness”, piety, guidance, the door of piety and our supplications do not remain unanswered. Only ask the scholars about the lawful and the prohibited acts, and don’t ask that which you have no need of and which the Almighty Allah has concealed from you. (Tafseer Al-Burhan volume 1 page 297; Tafseer Ayyashi volume 1 page 184 tradition no. 85)

Imam Sadiq (as) was asked regarding the verse – “And those who join that which Allah has bidden to be joined” (Holy Quran chapter 13 verse 21)

The Imam said: This is ‘joining’ (kindness) to the Imam, every year, whether more or less. Then Imam (as) said, The aim of this is not but your purification. (Beharul Anwar volume 96 page 216 tradition no. 5; Tafseer Ayyashi volume 2 page 209 tradition no. 34)

During the time of Ghaybat if a person wants to do favor to the Imam (as) he can spend in ways that the Imam approves and likes, with the intention of doing good to him. Like printing of books related to the Imam, organizing programs where the Imam will be remembered and helping out his Shiahs and friends, especially the Sadaat and religious scholars who disseminate religious law, the narrators of traditions of the Holy Imams (as) etc…and different types of acts of kindness as is very much clear; I beseech the Almighty Allah to give Taufeeq to all the believers. Ameen!

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