Our Duties – Making Imam Mahdi (as) Popular among the People

The arguments that were applicable for the previous duty (Duty no. 3) are also applicable here. Reason dictates that we propagate the love of one whose love is obligatory and it is the best of deeds. This is what would be most liked by Allah. That is why the Almighty Allah said to Musa: Make Me loved among My creatures. This clearly proves this specific duty.

Imam Sadiq (as), May Allah have mercy upon the one who makes us loved among the people and does not do anything that would make people inimical to us and hate us. By Allah! If they had conveyed our meaningful sayings as is to the people they would have created love and affection in their hearts. And no one could have put any sort of tag on them. But the fact is that a person hears one thing and adds ten more from his own side. (Rauzat Al-Kafi volume 8 page 229 tradition number 293)

On another occasion Imam Sadiq (as) said, May Allah have mercy on one who turns the love and affection of the people towards us and he speaks about those whom they know. And he leaves those who deny. (Majalis of Shaykh Sadooq page 61)

The manifestation of this duty is in speaking more about Imam Mahdi (as) in society and informing people about his merits and that of Ahle Bayt (as).

The fact is that very few people know much about Imam Mahdi (as). It is only through discussions about Imam Mahdi (as) that people will know of him, of his family and this will help to protect their faith from enemies. Discussions about Imam Mahdi (as) will also open up the secret of Ahle Bayt (as) for the believer and this will be the cause of closeness to Imam Mahdi (as).

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