Our Duties – Performing Hajj On Behalf Of Imam Mahdi (as) Or Sending Someone As A Proxy For Imam (As)

Many traditions have clearly stated the recommended nature of such good deeds. Also the traditions that speak of doing good to a believer, also apply in such a case.

Scholars have recorded numerous traditions that praise the performance of good deeds on behalf of believers. A couple of such traditions are presented below:

Ibne Miskan narrates from Imam Sadiq (as) that he asked Imam (as), How much reward is earned by a person who performs a Hajj on behalf of someone else? Imam (as) replied, The reward of ten Hajjs shall be given to the one who performs it on behalf of someone else. (Furu Al-Kafi volume 4 page 312 chapter of Hajj by Proxy, tradition no. 2)

Imam Sadiq (as) was asked regarding the person who performs Hajj on behalf of others. Would be earn any rewards? Imam (as) said, One who performs Hajj on behalf of someone else gets rewarded for 10 Hajjs. (Also), the person (who has performed the Hajj on behalf of someone) his mother, father, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, paternal uncles and aunts and maternal uncles and aunts, all of them receive salvation. The Mercy of Allah is spread wide and He is kind. (Man Laa Yahzarul Faqih volume 2 pages 222-223 tradition no. 9)

Imam Sadiq (as) said, One who performs a Hajj on behalf of his relatives as a good turn to them, his Hajj will be perfect, and one on whose behalf he performed the Hajj will get an equal reward, Allah, the Mighty and Sublime is One Who expands that reward.

The above traditions are sufficient to establish that it is recommended to perform Hajj on behalf of other believers whether dead or alive, especially if they are relatives. The Hajj performed on behalf of Imam Mahdi (as) is more meritorious and its reward is higher, because the status of the Imam (as) is much higher than other believers and his reward is more than all others.

Also in support of this is the tradition that says that kindness to the relatives of the Holy Prophet (sawa) is more important than kindness to anyone else.

Imam Kazim (as) quoting his father Imam Sadiq (as) said, If you make a thousand persons as partners in your (mustahab, recommended) Hajj, each will get reward of a complete Hajj without there being any decrease in your reward. (Furu Al-Kafi volume 4 page 317)

Muhammad bin Ismail asked  Imam Kazim (as), How many persons can I include as partners in my (mustahab, recommended) Hajj? He replied, As many as you like. (Furu Al-Kafi volume 4 page 317)

Muawiyah bin Ammar asked Imam  Sadiq (as), Can I make my parents partners in my (mustahab, recommended) Hajj? He replied: Yes, indeed Allah, the Mighty and Sublime will make it a Hajj for you and a Hajj for each of them and as it would be a good turn on your part towards them, you will also get reward for that. Then he asked, Can I perform Tawaf for a man and a woman who reside in Kufa? He replied: Yes, when you begin the Tawaf, recite as follows – O Allah, accept it from so and so, as I am doing Tawaf on his/her behalf. (Furu Al-Kafi volume 4 page 315)

To perform Tawaf (circumambulation) on behalf of Imam Mahdi (as)
To send someone for performing Tawaf on his behalf

When it is established that Tawaf on behalf of Imam Mahdi (as) is Mustahab (recommended) then it is understood that sending someone in lieu of Imam Mahdi (as) would also be Mustahab. Because this is a result of friendship and gratefulness.

Musa bin al-Qasim says that I asked Imam Jawad (as), I wanted to perform Tawaf on behalf of you and your forefathers (as) but people said that Tawaf was not permitted on behalf of the successors (Awsiya)?

Imam (as) replied, Rather, you must do as many tawafs as possible.

The narrator says that after a period of three years, again he came to Imam (as) and said, I had previously obtained permission from you to perform Tawaf on behalf of you and your father. After this I performed as many tawafs as Allah willed for me on behalf of you and your respected father. After this I had an idea!

What was it? asked Imam (as).

He replied, One day I performed Tawaf on behalf of the Messenger of Allah (sawa). Imam (as) recited Salawat on the Holy Prophet (sawa) thrice.

The narrator continued, On the second day I performed Tawaf on behalf of Ameerul Momineen (as), then for Imam Hasan (as), Imam Husain (as), Imam Sajjad (as), Imam Baqir (as), Imam Sadiq (as), on the eighth day I performed it on behalf of your grandfather Imam Kazim (as). On the ninth day for your respected father Imam Reza (as) and on the tenth day I had the fortune of performing Tawaf for your respected self. (as). I worship Allah through the Wilayat of these personalities.

Imam (as) said, By Allah! You are worshipping Allah through a religion other than which Allah will not except any religion.

The narrator said, Often I have performed Tawaf on behalf of your respected grandmother, Fatemah Zahra (sa) and sometimes I didn’t. Imam (as) said, Do more Tawaf! If Allah wills it will be the best action performed by you. (Furu Al-Kafi volume 4 page 314)

Among the things that prove that it is recommended to do Tawaf on behalf of general believers is established through this tradition – Imam Sadiq (as) said, One who does a good turn to the father or a relative and performs Tawaf on behalf of them, will get the full reward for it and one for whom he has performed the proxy will also get the same reward. And since the person has accorded importance to the relationship of that person, in addition to the reward of the Tawaf he will get extra rewards. (Furu Al-Kafi volume 4 page 314)

It is mentioned in a reliable tradition that a man came to Imam Sadiq (as) and said, A man has some of my wealth and I am afraid he will not return it.

Imam Sadiq (as) said, When you reach Makkah, perform two units of prayer on behalf of Abdul Muttalib (as) and make two rounds (Tawaf) for Abu Talib (as) and likewise also for Janabe Amenah (sa), Fatemah binte Asad (mother of Ameerul Momineen (as)). That man says: I did that and I got back my property the same day. (Hayat ul Qoloob volume 2 chapter of Ancestors of Holy Prophet (sawa))

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