Our Duties – To Organize Gatherings Where Merits of Imam (as) Are Discussed

The next important duty is to organize programs where the virtues of Imam (as) are narrated such that people pray for Imam (as).

Even if one has to work very hard to organize such gatherings it is highly recommended, because it is the propagation of the religion of Allah, it is the promotion of the word of Allah, it is a help in goodness in piety and it is a help to the signs of Allah and the friends of Allah.

Imam Sadiq (as) said, “Meet each other because it enlivens your hearts and causes the remembrance of our affair (Wilayat), and our traditions will promote love amongst you. That if you take them you are successful and achieve salvation and if you leave them you shall be misguided and fall into punishment. Act on these traditions and I guarantee your salvation.” (Wasailush Shia volume  11 page 567 chapter 23 tradition no. 3)

These traditions prove that when believers meet each other, it is a medium of revival of Wilayat and refreshing of the remembrance of the Holy Imam (as). On the basis of this, there is no doubt that to organize gatherings in which the Imam (as) is remembered; and his excellence and whatever is related from him is mentioned, such gatherings please the Imams (as) very much.

Also alluding to this is the statement of Amirul Momineen (as) that: Allah, the High and the Mighty looked at the earth and chose us; then He chose the Shiahs for us, so that they may support us; that they be happy in our happiness and sad in our sorrow and that they may dedicate their lives and properties in our way. They are from us and shall return to us… (Khisaal volume 2 page 635)

In many traditions, we find the words “keeping our affair alive.” This refers to Wilayat of Holy Imams (as) which is kept alive through discussions and through such gatherings wherein traditions, history of Aimmah (as) are relived and therefore enlivened. One must try their best to organise such gatherings – even if it be of a few people – in the mosque or even at one’s home. Do this at frequent intervals so that Wilayat remains alive.


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