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Some resources which are available regarding Imam Mahdi (as). Readers are encouraged to send any book collections that they may have to Readers can click on the book name to download it in PDF format.

Source Books

Beharul Anwar Vol 1 | Vol 2
Author: Allamah Majlisi

This is a magnum opus from Allamah Majlisi which has been published in 110 volumes of which volumes 51, 52 and 53 are dedicated to the discussion about Imam Mahdi. (Shiah). The subjects covered include the birth of Imam Mahdi (as), circumstances of his mother, witnesses to his birth his occultation and events after his re-appearance. (Read more)

Kamaluddin Wa Tamanun Nemah Vol 1Vol 2
Author: Shaykh Saduq

The book deals with the personality of Imam Mahdi (as), his occultation and everything related to him in an analytical and systematic manner and is penetrating in its subject and exceptional in its domain. Shaykh Saduq has presented strong arguments from the life-story of the Prophets regarding their occultation (Ghaybat) to prove the occultation of the Twelfth Imam. Traditions have been quoted extensively from the Holy Prophet (sawa) and the Infallible Imams (as) in support of the writer’s contentions. The preface of the book reveals that this book was written on the order of Imam Mahdi (as). (Read more)

Kitab Al-Ghaybah
Author: Shaykh Abu Abdullah Mohammed an-Nomani

Shaykh Mohammed bin Ibrahim bin Jafar al-Nomani authored this important work entitled Kitab al-Ghaybah following the major occultation (Ghaybat al-Kubra) of Imam Mahdi (as). The work tries to prove the necessity of the Imam’s occultation by relating traditions on the authority of the Prophet (sawa) and the Imams (as) predicting its occurrence. (Read more)

Mikyalul Makarem Vol 1Vol 2
Author: Ayatullah Sayyed Mohammed Taqi Musawi Isfahani

This text titled “Mikyalul Makarim” authored by Ayatullah Sayyed Mohammed Taqi Musawi Isfahani is a two-part book about the perfection of morals among the benefits of praying for Imam Mahdi (as). The first part addresses the recognition of the Imam and the rational proofs discussed. Among other topics, the second part of the book discusses the times and conditions emphasized for supplicating.

Muntakhabul Asar
Author: Ayatullah Lutfullah Safi Gulpaygani

This is one of the most important sources on the topic of Imam Mahdi (as).  The book has over 500 pages. There are over 6,000 traditions in the book along with references for each. After researching the book, one can conclude that it has sourced traditions from nearly 70 books of the Ahle Sunnah scholars and 9 Shiite references, whose names can be referred to in the bibliography at the very start of the book. (Read more)

Najmus Saaqib
Author: Mirza Husain Noori Tabarsi

This book is compiled by Mohaddise Noori and is one of the most celebrated books on Imam Mahdi (as). The book offers a deep view into events at the birth of the Imam (as) and circumstances during the lifetime of his father. It also lists more than 180 titles of Imam Mahdi (as) and the rationale for the same. An interesting part of the book is the narrations about those people who met the Imam (as) during the period of occultation.

The Life of Imam Al-Mahdi
Author: Baqir Shareef al-Qurashi

This book is the biography of the Twelfth Imam, Imam Mohammed al-Mahdi (as), also referred to as the Qaem of Aale Mohammed, the Awaited Imam (as) and the Last of the Successors. The book also covers major objections that the opponents of Shiahs aim against the belief in Imam Mahdi (as), which the respected author, Baqir Sharif Qurashi has refuted in a convincing way.

Rabeeal Anaam
Author: Duas

This is book of ziyarats and supplications regarding Imam Mahdi (as). It outlines the benefits of praying for his early reappearance and also the best time and places for the same. It also brings forth the special prayers of Imam Mahdi (as). This book is a must for those seeking spiritual nearness to Imam Mahdi (as) through the medium of supplications.

Other Books

14 Questions about Imam az-Zaman – Volume 1
Publisher: AIM

In this beautifully compiled short book the reader will learn some important proofs about Imam Mahdi (as) from authentic sources based within both Shiah and Sunni schools of thought, as well as based on the Holy Quran and other ancient scriptures. The book is divided into fourteen separate questions and answers all of which eloquently describe his existence, his purpose, his birth and some of his merits (as).

A Glance at the Beloved
Publisher: AIM

This book outlines how recognition of Imam Mahdi (as) can be acquired in the era of occultation, its distinguishing features and its effects on those who possess this recognition. It shows the way to those who are captivated by the love of Imam (as) and are in quest of his recognition, by comprehending the significance, origin and necessity of recognition in the light of traditions of the Infallible Imams (as).

Al-Imam al-Mahdi, The Just Leader of Humanity
Author: Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini

This book is presented in the form of a dialogue and discussion amongst a group pf people on various aspects concerning Imam Mahdi (as). The book covers topics like traditions about Imam Mahdi (as) from Shiite as well as sources of the Ahle Sunnah. It also brings forth discussions on occultation, long life of the Mahdi as well as ancillary topics like pseudo Mahdis. The book is written in a simple easy to read format and topics are well presented through examples.

Author: Sayyed Sadruddin Sadr

This book is a collection of a series of traditions, which have been narrated from the Holy Prophet (sawa), his progeny and companions – all taken from the sources of our Sunni brethren. It also contains sayings and writings of Sunni scholars about the Awaited Mahdi who is from the progeny of Mohammed (sawa).

An Inquiry Concerning Al-Mahdi
Author: Ayatullah Sayyed Mohammed Baqir As-Sadr

This book presents the concept of the Mahdi, his long life, personality and role.

Anticipation_ Anticipating the Savior of Humanity
Author: Sayyed Murtuza Mujtahidi Sistani

The present booklet is about anticipation of the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (as) and it is the translation of a chapter of a two-volume book called “Secrets of Success” by Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen Sayyed Murtuza Mujtahidi Sistani

Discussions Concerning al-Mahdi
Author: Ayatullah Lutfullah Safi Gulpaygani

Written in the form of questions and answers, it discusses about three main topics  – Shiaism, the Imamate and Imam Mahdi (as).

Explanation to the Belief of Mahdism in Shia Imamia
Author: Ayatullah Lutfullah Safi Gulpaygani

The author debates, discusses and corrects the book “Islamic Messianism” written by the respected scholar, Abdul Azeez Sachedina, which gives erroneous impression to readers of the real and right Islam which Shiahsm is, and enabling readers to analyse faith to mastership (Imamat) and Mahdaviyyat (belief in Imam Mahdi).

Fazail ul-Mahdi
Author: Ali Akbar Talaafi

This book provides a short biography of Imam, his reappearance, necessity of recognizing him, lineage, similarity with prophets, reason of arrival, longing for imam and the final proof of Allah with his universal government.

Forty Hadith_ The Awaited Savior of Humanity
Author: Abdul-Rahim Mugahi

40 Hadith on Imam Mahdi (as), 12th Imam, the awaited savior.

History of Shiism_ From the Advent of Islam up to the
End of Minor Occultation

Author: Ghulam-Husayn Muharrami

This text discusses how Shiism has been an integral and inseparable part of Islam from the time of the Holy Prophet (sawa). The text provides several resources to show how Shiism began with the companions of the Holy Prophet (sawa) and how its legacy still stands.

Imam Mahdi (a) in Chapter al-Qadr
Author: Mohammed Reza Hakimi

This paper discusses several aspects of the night of Qadr and its relationship to Imam Mahdi (as).

Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.)_ The Spring of Life
Publisher: AIM

This text presents addresses topics of Aqaed (belief) and branches of religion including belief, disbelief, and deviation. The significance and obligations of belief in the Mahdi is further described as well as the duties and responsibilities of the follower of Imam Mahdi (as).

Intellectual, Political and Social Status of the
Shiites on the Verge of Occultation

Author: Masud Pur Sayyed Aqaei

In this paper, the author studies a very important part of the history of Islam, that is, the period of the lives of Imam Hadi (as) and Imam Askari (as), and the efforts these two Imams made to develop a network of agents (wukala) to prepare the Shiah community for the era of the occultation of Imam Mahdi (as).

Mahdi in the Quran According to Shi‘ite Quran Commentators
Author: A. Toussi, N. Vasram

In this book, author has explored the belief in Mahdi and the Messianic ideas implicit in the Quran in the light of both classical and contemporary Shiite commentaries on the Qur’an.

Manner of Awaiting
Author: Ali Akbar Talaafi

This book is a small collection of people’s responsibilities which are gathered to remind us of our duties while waiting for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (as)

Our Responsibilities during the
Period of Occultation of the Present Imam

Author: Sayyed Mohammed Rizvi

This text presents based on Hadith the two main duties of the Shiahs during the ghaybat of Imam Mahdi (as).

Selected Narrations about the Twelfth Imam – Vol 1 | Vol 2
Author: Ayatullah Lutfullah Safi Gulpaygani

This text, which is available in two volumes and is authored by Ayatullah Lutfullah as-Safi al-Gulpaygani, presents a handful of precious narrations about Imam Mahdi (as). These narrations forecasting the coming of 12 Caliphs and their description and this text presents the implications and interpretations of these authentic traditions.

Shi‘ite Authorities in the Age of Minor Occultation
Author: Ali Naghi Zabihzadeh

The Awaited Saviour
Authors: Ayatullah Sayyed Mohammed Baqir As-Sadr;
Ayatullah Murtuza Mutahhari

This book addresses the return of the 12th Imam, Imam Mahdi (a), answering objections about him, and his revolution.

The Blessed Birth of Imam Mahdi
Author: Mohammad Reza Ansari

A very perceptive view on the blessings of Allah and the circumstances to the marriage of Imam Mahdi’s parents Imam Hassan Askari (as) and Janabe Narjis Khatoon, the daughter of a Roman emperor; Imam’s (as) birth, and his early days.

The Connection between Imam Mahdi (as) and Imam Husayn (as)
Part I | Part II | Part III
Author: Mohammad Ali Shomali

This paper is the first part of a series of three papers on the subject, initially conceived as part of a series of lectures delivered by the author in London, at the Islamic Centre of England in Muharram 1433/November and December 2011, entitled, “Spiritual Struggle of Karbala.”

The Dawn is Near
Publisher: AIM

The present text endeavors to rationally prove the belief in Imam Mahdi (as). Although brief, the present work is undoubtedly a necessary and useful reading material for both old and young Shiahs (to keep them steadfast in their way) and for non-Shiah to discover the truth about Imam Mahdi (as).

The Globe Before and After the Advent of Imam Mahdi
Author: Mohammad Ali Shomali
Part II | Part III | Part IV

This part of the series expands on the quality of the people during this time, including their intellectual condition and scientific and technological advancements. This series of papers is based on parts three and four of a series of lectures delivered by the author in Muharram 1428/January 2007 in London.

The Golden Era of Reappearance
Publisher: AIM

This text addresses topics discussed in an exhibition concerning the originality and belief in the Mahdaviyyat, establishment of justice and equity, and many other relevant topics.

The Last Luminary
Publisher: AIM

This text is a brief attempt to study the short history of the fundamental belief to the life of Imam Mahdi (as), and sheds light on the minor and major occultation.

The Last Luminary and Ways to Delve Into the Light
Author: Sayyed Reza Husayni Mutlaq

This work authored by Sayyed Reza Husayni Mutlaq, presents ninety-nine rights and responsibilities which the true believers have to the Living Imam. The author demonstrates that the best way which one can fulfill such responsibilities is through purification of the soul and in addition, a spiritual change must take place within each person and we must seek to maintain closeness to Allah.

The Occultation of the Twelfth Imam (A Historical Background)
Author: Jassim M. Hussain

A study of the occultation of the Twelfth Imam using rarely consulted early Shiite sources, covering the time period from Imam Sadiq (as), to the end of Ghaybat al-Sughra of the Twelfth Imam.

The Prolonged Lifespan of Imam Mahdi
Author: Zainab Musawi

The duration of the longevity of Imam Mahdi’s life has been an area of disagreement. The findings of this research are based on the verses from Quran, Shiah and Sunni traditions, biological and medical law, and historical documents. These findings reveal that it is possible to live an exceedingly long life, as Hazrat Nuh (as), the Men of the Cave (Ashabe’ Kahf), and Hazrat Khizr are among those who have done so.

The Promised Savior_ An inquiry into the imamate of Imam Mahdi (as) from the viewpoint of Muslim thinkers
Author: Sayyed Ali al-Husayni al-Milani

The Promised Savior is a short but significant work that deals with the doctrine of Mahdaviyyat (the belief in Imam Mahdi as ultimate savior). Despite being short, it has not ignored any vital issues concerning the doctrine of Mahdaviyyat.

The Recognition of Imam al-‘Asr_ Significance and Obligations
Publisher: AIM

This text discusses the significance and obligations of the recognition of the Imam of our Time, Imam Mahdi (as). It sheds light on the topics of belief, disbelief, deviation, Imamate, and duties and responsibilities towards our Imam.

The Return of Al-Mahdi
Author: al-Fadl ibn Shadhan

This is the translation of Mukhtasar lsbatur Rajah (Abridged Isbatur Rajah). The original book of which this is an abridgement was authored by Abu Mohammed al-Fadl ibn Shadhan ibn al-Khalil al-Azdi an-Nishapuri.

The Saviours Revolution
Author: Ayatullah Murtuza Mutahhari

The author discusses about the idea of final victory and the establishment of an ideal society by the final saviour, Imam Mahdi (as).

The Special Deputies of Imam Mahdi (as)
Author: Zahra Ra’isi

This paper briefly offers the biographies of the Deputies as well as the reasons for their deputyship.

Universal Government of the Mahdi
Author: Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi

This text, authored by Ayatullah Makarem Shirazi sheds light on the nature of the universal government that will exist with the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AFS) at the end of time. His method of government, awaiting his reappearance and the way victory will be achieved by this great peacemaker is discussed and presented.

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