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The Earth Will Never Be Devoid of A Divine Proof

Traditions from Imams (as) are crystal clear that at any point in time, there will always be a Hujjat (proof) of Allah upon this earth for His creatures. These traditions indicate that even today there is one person, who from the side of Allah, is a proof upon His creatures and that he resides on this earth itself. That person is Imam Mahdi (as). (more…)

Belief in Imam Mahdi (as) – A Universal Belief

The concept of the Mahdi is the belief in the coming of a person from the family of the Holy Prophet of Islam (sawa) during the last era who will fill the earth with justice and equality just as it will be rife with injustice and oppression. The advent of this Mahdi will bring forth a golden era where mankind will experience an unprecedented period of justice, equality, security, progress and knowledge. (more…)