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Imam Mahdi (as) and Allamah Sayyed Mahdi Bahrul Uloom (ra)

Allah is always most merciful to His servants. After their creation, they were not left on their own, rather He sent several guides for their guidance. Even today, despite the occultation of Imam Mahdi (as), He has ensured that the course of guidance is not disrupted. He has made a provision to the effect that some select persons are associated with the Holy Imam (as) who then provide the essential guidance to the people at large. In this article, we cast a glance at the life of Allamah Sayyed Mahdi Bahrul Uloom (ra). (more…)

Imam Mahdi (as) and Shaykh Murtaza Ansari (ra)

How can one eulogize that virtuous soul which not only made itself proximate to the source of light but enveloped its entire self within the shadow of that light. This light is not an ordinary illumination but the pure radiance of the Holy Prophet (sawa) around which that person would circumambulate until he became the possessor of the salutation of the Prophet (sawa) to his fifth vicegerent (as). (more…)

Imam Mahdi (as) and Sayyed Ibne Taoos (ra)

“The status and position of a believer before his Imam (as) is equal to the importance and prominence accorded by the believer to his Imam (as).” (Kamaluddin volume 2 page 400)

In this short article, we present the name of one scholar who lived his life in the shadow of piety, knowledge of the Holy Quran and recognition of the Ahle Bayt (as). He set such high standards in the love and affection for the Imam of his Age (as) that the latter (as) addressed him as his son. This pious son of the Imam was Razi al-Deen Ali Sayyed bin Taoos (ra).  (more…)

Imam Mahdi (as) and Shaykh Mufeed (ra)

If we turn the pages of history we will find numerous examples of personalities who have enlivened Islam through their sacrifices of life and wealth. One such personality is Abu Abdullah Mohammed Haaris Akbari famous as Shaykh Mufeed (ra). Mufeed implies the one who benefits others.


Seven Verses For The Companions of Imam Mahdi (as)

All the sects of Islam in general, and in particular, the Shiah are steadfast in their belief, that prior to the advent of the Day of Judgement (Qiyamat), injustice and inequality will be rife in the earth. In such a condition, Allah, through His Proof (Hujjat) will fill the earth with justice and equality, as it will be filled with injustice and oppression. (more…)

Allah Calls the Companions of Imam Mahdi (as) as His Troops

Holy Prophet (sawa) said, “When I was taken up to the heavens in Meraj, I was called. I said: “Yes, my Lord, You are Blessed and High.” Then I was called again: O Mohammed, You are My servant and I am your Lord. Then worship Me and rely on Me. You are My Light among My creatures, and My proof among the people. I have created Paradise for you and your followers and created Hell for those who oppose you. I have made it incumbent to honor your Trustees and have assured reward for their followers.” (more…)