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One Who Denies The Mahdi is a Disbeliever

Holy Prophet (sawa) said, “One who denies the Dajjal has disbelieved, and one who denies the Mahdi, certainly he has disbelieved.” (Al Fatawil Hadisih by Shahbuddin Ibne Hajar Al Haitmish Shafai) Also (Al Qawlul Mukhtasar Fi Alamaat il Mahdi Muntazar by Abul Abbas Ahmad ibne Mohd Ibne Hajar Makki) (more…)

Mahdi in Sihah Sitta – Part II

The Sihah Sittah or Sihah Sittah (Six Books) is the collective name given to the six famous books of traditions by Ahle Sunnah. The scholars of Ahle Sunnah confirm that the traditions reported from the Prophet (sawa) in these six books are accurate. It is for this reason that according to the beliefs of the Ahle Sunnah, the Sihah Sittah is the second most important reference source after the Quran. (more…)