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Brief Explanation of Dua Ahad

This dua has reached us through Imam Sadiq (as). Reliable scholars and traditionalists have narrated this noble supplication in their invaluable books such as Allamah Mohammed Baqir Majlisi (ra) in Beharul Anwar volume 53 page 95 chapter 29 tradition no. 111 has narrated it from Misbaah al-Zaaer of Sayyed Ibn Taoos. (more…)

Dua Ahad – The Supplication of the Covenant

Imam Sadiq (a.s) narrates that, one who recites this supplication for 40 mornings; he will be accounted amongst the helpers of Imam Mahdi (as). And if he happens to die before the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (as), Allah will raise him up from his grave so that he may assist the holy Imam (as). For every word that he recites in this supplication, Allah will grant him 1,000 good deeds and will erase from his scroll of deeds 1,000 sins.  (more…)