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Ghaybat of Prophet Idrees (as)

In the book Kamaluddin, Shaykh Sudooq (ar) writes,¬†Among the first occultations is the well known occultation of Prophet Idrees (as). His occultation was so prolonged that his followers fell into dire circumstances and the tyrant ruler of that time killed some of them; while some he subjected to poverty and terror. After that Prophet Idrees (as) reappeared and promised the removal of the travails of his Shiahs through the uprising and Jihad of one of his descendants, that is Prophet Nuh (as). Then Allah, the Mighty and Sublime raised up Idrees (as) towards Himself. And century after century his followers continued to wait for the advent of Nuh (as), one generation after another. And during that time they continued to bear with patience the humiliating oppression of the tyrant rulers till the prophethood of Nuh (as) became apparent. (more…)