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Ghaybat of Prophet Musa (as)

In the book Kamaluddin, Shaykh Sudooq (ar) writes, Imam Sadiq (as) said, “At the time of his death Yusuf bin Yaqoob (as) assembled the descendants of Yaqoob (as) who were eighty men. Then he said: These Copts will dominate you and put you to great trouble. One who will save you from them will be a descendant of Laavi bin Yaqoob, whose name will be Musa bin Imran. He shall be a tall young man and will have curly hair. He would be wheat complexioned. Thus every man of Bani Israel began to name his child Imran. And all those who were named Imran began to name their sons Musa.” (more…)

Hidden Birth of Hazrat Musa (as): A Proof for Imam Mahdi (as)

The birth of Hazrat Musa (as) is an important example to understand the circumstances of the birth of Imam Mahdi (as). Our Aimmah (as) have given its example for their followers to understand the birth of the hidden Imam (as). This incident, narrated from Kamaluddin by Shaykh Sudooq (ar), highlights the conditions prevailing at the time of Hazrat Musa (as). It reinforces the fact that when Allah desires something, it will come to pass even though every person may be averse to it.

There are many lessons which can be derived from the incident, including having complete, unconditional trust in Allah and in the power of supplication. Yet the most important lesson is that Allah will do as He wishes without any person to prevent His design. (more…)