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Is It Possible To Meet Imam Mahdi (as)

Can I meet Imam Mahdi (as)?” This question will probably rank very high when a list of questions regarding Imam Mahdi (as) is complied. Having established his birth, long life and even his occultation – the one who loves Imam Mahdi (as) expresses his desire to meet the Imam (as) and benefit directly from his presence. This sentiment is echoed in the words of Dua Nudba wherein a person asks – “O I wish I knew where is the Imam!” Or “Is there a way by which I could meet you, O son of Ahmed!” (more…)

Who Is Imam Mahdi (as)?

Imam Mahdi (as) is the Twelfth Imam as per the belief of the Shiah Ithna Ashari (this is the sects of Islam that believes in the mastership of twelve Imams after the Holy Prophet of Islam (sawa)). He was born on 15th Shabaan 255 AH in Samarrah, Iraq to Imam Hasan Askari (as), the 11th Shiite Imam and Hazrat Narjis Khatoon (as). He is alive till today and in a state of occultation. Allah will cause him to re-appear whenever Allah wishes. After his re-appearance, he will fill the earth with justice and equality. Universal peace will prevail and the word of Allah will be completed.

The Belief of Imam Mahdi (as) in a Universal Belief

The belief in Imam Mahdi (as) is an Islamic belief and not one restricted to the Shiite community. (Read More). Rather it is universal belief which is espoused by Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Judaism.

A series of articles on this web site on the subject of Imam Mahdi (as) will establish the conditions, circumstances and the environment for the belief in Imam Mahdi (as). (more…)