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Ziyarat Nahiyah

Of the several prescribed Ziyarat of Imam Husayn (as), Ziyarat Nahiyah has a special place as it is recited by Imam Mahdi (as) himself. One of the most important features of this Ziyarat is that through different phrases, Imam Mahdi (as) describes the events of Ashura and the agony that Imam al-Husayn (as) and his family faced on that horrific and ominous day. This ziyarat is like Imam Mahdi (as) has himself recited a marsiyah for his grandfather. (more…)

Brief Exegesis of Ziyarat Nahiyah

Shaheed-e-Mehraab, Maulana Sayyed Mohammed Jafar Saheb Zaidi (ra) who expired in 28 Zilhajj 1400 AH (November 7, 1980) in Lahore. After a brief sermon he wrote, This Ziyarat is actually a gift for Islam and homage paid by Imam Mahdi (as) to his beloved, oppressed grandfather, the fifth companion of the cloak,  Sayyed ash-Shohada (as). It is an elegy and a lamentation in the form of a salutation in which Imam (as) depicts the heartrending afflictions of Imam Husayn (as). (more…)