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Meeting Imam Mahdi – Shaykh Mohammed Taher Najafi

In the book of Najmus Saqib, there is an incident narrated about Shaykh Mohammed Taher Najafi, The Shaykh served with Masjid Kufa for many years and was staying there along with his family. He was a very pious and God fearing person. Towards the latter part of his life, he became blind. Some of the scholars have narrated his incident as follows. (more…)

Meeting Imam Mahdi (as) – Incident of Sayyed Muhammad Jabal Amili

The righteous and pious scholar, Sayyed Muhammad Amili narrated that once I went for the Ziyarat of the holy Mashhad of Imam Ali Reza (as) and I stayed there for a long time. Since I was in extremely poor financial conditions, whenever I decided to go with a caravan, I did not have the provisions for the journey and I was compelled to stay behind. Once, when some pilgrims set out, after they left, I decided not to leave this caravan in any way. (more…)

Meeting Imam Mahdi (as) – Two Scholars – Shiah and Sunni

Maulana Abul Qasim Mohammed Ibne Abil Qasim Hashmi enjoyed a old friendship with Maulana Rafi’uddeen – a scholar from the school of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama’at. Such was the strength of their friendship that they often travelled together and shared each other’s wealth and possessions. Their faiths were not hidden from each other and sometimes, in jest, they called each other Rafidhi and Nasibi. However, despite their long friendship, they had never entered into a religious argument with each other. (more…)

Ghaybat In The Words of Ahle Bayt (as) – Part I

The concept of Ghaybat has been discussed extensively in traditions. Right from its concept to preparation and duties of Shiahs in this period. Readers will also note that the beauty of these narrations lies in the uniformity of thought and words of the Ahle Bayt (as). These traditions are reported right from Holy Prophet (sawa) which is from about 1 AH to Imam Hasan Askari (as) which is up to 260 AH. Yet there is no contradiction in these traditions which leads us to believe in the veracity of these traditions without a shadow of doubt. (more…)

Books Written About Imam Mahdi (as)

The topic of Imam Mahdi (as) has been dealt with in a lot of detail by Ahle Bayt (as). We have traditions from the Holy Prophet (sawa) and from every Imam (as) on this subject in which the meaning, implication, causes, events and happenings during the period of Ghaybat and even after reappearance have been discussed in great detail.

In addition, Aimmah (as) have also guided us to our roles and responsibilities to ensure that we stay on the right path and that the length of the period of Ghaybat does not harden our hearts and deviate us. Prophecies from Aimmah (as)  and their supplications are available as a guidance for the believers during this period. All praise is for Allah and may His blessings be upon Holy Prophet, Mohammed (sawa) and the Ahle Bayt (as) for guiding us. (more…)