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Is Ghaybat Unique to Imam Mahdi (as)?

There are some special characteristics which are associated with the holy personality of Imam Mahdi (as) which were not present in the other Aimmah (as). These include his Ghaybat, his hidden birth and his long life.

Having knowledge and understanding of these special characteristics is important for they are unique to the true Imam Mahdi (as). False claimants to this post do not enjoy these characteristics. Therefore they always reject these qualities even though there are several hundred traditions which explain these characteristics from various aspects. (more…)

Ghaybat of Imam (as) – An Immense Deprivation

Allah, the Blessed, the High says in the Holy Quran: “The day when We will call every people with their Imam” (Surah Bani Israel, verse 71)

Allah, the High at various places, has promised guidance to the people. To fulfill His promise, He sent Prophets and Messengers (as) one after another, who called people towards His religion, recognition and worship. When the prophethood was completed with the advent of the last prophet Mohammed (sawa), He introduced Imamate in the progeny of Holy Prophet (sawa) so that people may turn to them and save  themselves from straying and attain eternal happiness. (more…)

Ghaybat is a Period of Ordeal and Examination

The present era, in which we are living, is known as Ghaybate’ Kubra (major occultation). It is a period when there is no special representative of Imam Mahdi (as) through whom we can contact him or correspond with him (as). This era will continue till as long as Allah wishes and Imam Mahdi (as) does not reappear. When he (as) does reappear, people will be blessed with the opportunity to meet him in person and also recognise him (as). They will get the good fortune of presenting themselves in his honourable presence. Thus, till Imam (as) does not reappear and remains in occultation, we will be deprived of numerous priceless blessings. Among the most important characteristics of the major occultation is that it is the era of ordeal and tribulation. (more…)

Hidden Imam Is Like The Sun Behind The Clouds

What is the Benefit of a Hidden Imam?

Whenever the discussion of Ghaybat crops up, queries of various kinds invade the  minds of the people. The most common among them being as to what is the benefit of an Imam who is in Ghaybat? In other words, what is the purpose of having a leader with whom neither we can come in contact nor meet  In this article, we shall attempt to convey to our readers the answer to the query and make people realize as to how can one derive advantages from an Imam during Ghaybat. (more…)

Why Imam Mahdi (as) Is In Ghaybat?

Ghaybat is a difficult time for the believers. This aspect can be well understood by those who would have had the opportunity of being with the Divine leader and then suddenly found one day that he is not present in their community.

In the case of Hazrat Idrees, it is said that when Allah caused the Ghaybat of Hazrat Idrees, his community grieved over his separation. Shaitaan came to them and encouraged them to make an idol of Hazrat Idrees so that they could continue to remember him. The people did so. While the first generation did not worship the idol, Shaitaan came to the next generations and told them that his idol is actually god and they should worship it. Thus as time passed, that same idol became the object of their worship. This is how idol worship was introduced in the world. (more…)

Where is Imam Mahdi (as) Today?

An interesting aspect about the discussion on Imam Mahdi (as) is that once his birth is established, there are a lot of questions concerning his physical presence. Where is he? How can we meet him? Can we actually meet him?

Islam provides answers to all these questions and even more from the Quran and from traditions of the Holy Prophet (sawa) and Aimmah (as). Ghaybat is a special characteristic and sign of the true Imam Mahdi (as). What is meant by special characteristic is that it is present in the true Mahdi (as) only. This is an important point for Shiahs for the history of Islam is littered with incidents of those who have falsely claimed to be the Mahdi for the society. Needless to say, false claimants deny Ghaybat since they do not have this sign. (more…)