The Earth Will Never Be Devoid of A Divine Proof

Traditions from Imams (as) are crystal clear that at any point in time, there will always be a Hujjat (proof) of Allah upon this earth for His creatures. These traditions indicate that even today there is one person, who from the side of Allah, is a proof upon His creatures and that he resides on this earth itself. That person is Imam Mahdi (as).Do pay attention to the following traditions:

Divine Proof always on this Earth

Ameerul Momineen (as) said, “The earth shall never be devoid of the Divine Proof, He may be apparent and prominent or he may be concealed and hidden. And it is because of him that the proofs and signs of Allah are not wasted.” (Kamaluddin volume 1 page 291)

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) said, “The (Divine) Proof was existing before creation (of other things), during creation and after creation.” (Kamaluddin volume 1 pages 231-232)

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) said, “Because Allah is Great and Mighty, He has never made the earth devoid of a just Imam.” (Kamaluddin volume 1 pages 229 and 234)

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) said, “Even if two people remain on the earth, one of them shall be a Hujjat (proof) upon the other. And if one of them dies, it will be the Hujjat that remains.” (Kamaluddin volume 1 page 233)

Imam Reza (as) said, “Certainly, the earth shall never be devoid of one of us Imams.” (Kamaluddin volume 1 page 229)

The question to ask therefore is who is the divine proof on this earth today, at this point of time. It must be a person who is Divinely appointed and is infallible, the successor to Holy Prophet (sawa). That person is Imam Mahdi (as)

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Even if one day is left for end of this world…

Hazrat Ali (as) recounts on the authority of the Holy Prophet (sawa), who said, “Even if there is only day left on this earth (before it ends), Allah will manifest a person from my progeny, who shall fill the earth with justice as it would have been wrecked with injustice and despotism.” (Al Musannaf, volume 15 page 198, traditions 19 and 494; Musnad-e-Ahmad volume 1 page 99, Sunan Abi Dawood volume 4 page 107 traditions 4 and 283)

Janab Huzaifa (ra) narrates on the authority of the Holy Prophet (sawa), who asserted, “If there is only one day left for the world to end, Allah will extend it to such an extent, that a person from my progeny will rise, whose name shall be the same as mine.” On hearing this, Salman rose and asked the Prophet (sawa), “This person will rise from which son from your progeny?” The Prophet (sawa) placed his hand on Imam Husayn’s (as) back and remarked, “From this son.” (Zakhaerul Uqbaa pages 136-137; Mizaanul Etedaal volume 2 page 18, tradition 575 Cairo edition; Iqdud Durar chapter 1 page 24)

Imam Mahdi (as) will fill the earth with justice

Mohiyyuddeen-e-Arabi records in his compilation, ‘Al Futuhatil Makkiya’, “Know that Imam Mahdi’s (as) reappearance is imminent. But he will rise only when the earth is filled with tyranny and oppression. He shall then establish peace and equity on earth. If there is but one day left for the end of the world, Allah will prolong it to such an extent, that His last caliph and vicegerent is manifested.

He is from the progeny of the Messenger of Allah (sawa). and he is the son of Janabe Fatima Zahra (sa). Imam Husayn Ibne Ali Ibne Abi Talib (as) is his ancestor. His father is Imam Hasan Askari (as), son of Imam Ali Naqi (as), son of Imam Muhammad Taqi (as), son of Imam Ali Reza (as), son of Imam Moosa Kazim (as), son of Imam Jafar Sadiq (as), son of Imam Muhammad Baqir (as), son of Imam Zainul Abedeen (as), son of Imam Husayn (as), son of Ali Ibne Abi Talib (as). (Al Futuhatil Makkiya, page 367, Egyptian edition (old))

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