Ziyarat Ale Yaseen

While Allah (s.w.t.) has conveyed His salaam upon the previous prophets in Quran, He has granted a special status only and only to the Holy Prophet (sawa) in that He (swt), along with Holy Prophet (sawa), has also conveyed salaam upon the family of the Holy Prophet (sawa) in Quran. In Surah Saffat, verse 130, Allah says, Salamun Ala Ale Yaseen (salaam upon the family of the Prophet (sawa)). This verse is the first sentence of this ziyarat.

Imam Mahdi (as) himself says, whenever you desire to remember us, then call us by these words which Allah has referred to us in Quran.

It is as if we commence this ziyarat with the words of Allah which is liked by Him.

One of the special characteristics of this ziyarat is that we convey salaam upon Imam (as) in every condition – whether he is standing, sitting, bowing, prostrating or reciting Qunoot. In this ziyarat the believer narrates the fundamentals of his faith to the Imam of the Time (as). At several places in the ziyarat, the believer calls out to the Imam (as) as if he is requesting the Imam (as) to make good and correct any deficiency in his faith. Both the ziyarat and the dua which follows the ziyarat are important. In the dua, a believer seeks goodness for himself and for the Imam (as).

It is recommended to recite this ziyarat everyday along with another ziyarat for the Imam (as) and if that is not possible, then at least recite this ziyarat every Thursday night for it is the night when our deeds are presented before the Imam of the Time (as).

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