Ziyarat Khalifatullah…

This ziyarat is amongst those which is recommended to be recited at the door of the sardab (cellar) in Samarrah. However since we consider Imam Mahdi (as) to be always present in our midst, therefore it is permissible to recite this ziyarat from any place.

A believer can beautify his house by the regular recitation of this ziyarat. Through extremely loving sentences, through the words of this ziyarat a believer conveys salaam to Imam Mahdi (as), narrates his association with his grandfathers, the infallible Imams (as); he seeks the early reappearance of the Imam (as) and wants to be counted amongst those who will extract revenge from his enemies. This ziyarat is slightly lengthy, but its words express affection for the Imam (as). Truly, its words echo the words of a lover who stands at the door of his beloved and calls out to him.

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